Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Holidays

I am having a great time. I'm not really doing much, but maybe that is the point?
I have just been eating when I'm hungry and sleeping when tired. I feel so much better as a result. Even at this very moment, it is 10h30 and I'm awake. I went to bed around 05h00. I feel quite rested. If only I could incorporate this into my work week. The only glitch is asking small children to become vampires. It might happen. Also, the fact that I'm not really worried about anything helps. I say not really because I am always worrying about something. I just try and keep it in check.

Saturday some friends stopped by with a few movies and CAKE!!!

Rebel and Napoleon love it when visitors stop by, especially if these visitors are not accustomed to stalky, fuzzy children. If for some reason you ever visit me, never, ever, ever put your plate down. Think of it as being at the bar. Once you set down your drink, consider it gone. I think Rebs and Napoleon had a piece all to themselves. It is amazing what a little bit of sugar does to them. It was like a hurricane ran through my tiny apartment. Rebel even jumped up on the table. You have no idea how impressive this feat is. It takes the cranky old man twenty minutes to negotiate the 4" step out onto the balcony.

I finally completed my pattern for my sleeveless sweater!

I am in the process of adding it to Ravelry's database. I can't really remember how I added the last one.
Here is the Ravelry link thus far :)

I also noticed that my name has the married name. I'm trying to change it back to my maiden name, but not having much luck. I'll try when I'm not on holiday mode and less filled with rye.

I had a great visit with my parents the last couple of days. We just sat outside talked about this and that. The cookie companies have changed their packaging so they are trying to under the little guy. The neighbours are into some sort of shenanigans. Unfortunately, the rest of the conversations were coloured with a lot of beer and wine, so the details are a little fuzzy.