Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zombies and Goldfish

With the first day of Spring looming ahead, I finally finished my Goldfish Mittens created by Amy Christoffers. Since completion they have been involved in a number of battles on the hands of a very happy nine year old boy. Too bad he will have outgrown them by next winter.

Since I am unsure as to what to project to begin, I have decided to take up one of my many unfinished works. These are my Skull Stockings and are proving to me once again how much fun I have working on these socks.

With our home slowly starting to take shape, I have been able to catch up on my quality television time. I have been watching quite a few new shows and re-acquainting myself with some favourites. I started watching Awake yesterday. Oh boy! I really have to pay attention for this one. It involves two different realities, each with it`s own crime to solve.
This is our bedroom:
Just need a frame, headboard and some serious painting.

We have also been doing some soundproofing with some of the walls that form bedrooms.
It makes sleep so much more enjoyable during the day for me now :D

I'm addicted to The Walking Dead like so many other people I'm sure! At the end of every episode I'm pretty much in shock over the events that go by so quickly in those 40 some odd minutes.
I have been enjoying Once Upon a Time. It appeals to me because of the mere fact that I read all these stories as a very young child and the creators of this series have managed to make it very appealing to the adult audience.
My weakness America's Next Top Model has also returned to my television line up. This season pits the models of The of the United States against the models of the United Kingdom. Don't judge me! I enjoy this sort of thing. It is something easy to watch that doesn't involve playing too close attention. :)
I have also had to catch up on a back log of Fringe episodes. I never get tired of this show. I love the character of Walter, no matter which dimension he is a part of.
Soon I will be able to go outside and see what sort of treasures that backyard holds. At the moment it is a giant mud puddle with a lot of stick like things poking out of the ground. It does however look to have a lot of potential.
I hope you all had a fantastic week end.