Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Mittens!!

Not only have I been searching for a coffee grinder, but I've been hard at work creating a few new patterns.

I have recently completed this one for a special friend's daughter:

The link for this pattern can be found on Ravelry!

I hope you like it. :D

Coffee Drama Continues...

...and I brought it on myself.

I have mentioned this before. I know I have. When I do the domestic thing and go grocery shopping, it's more of a scavenger hunt. All of those packages, labels, colours, ingredients; it's all very over whelming. That's why I stick to the outskirts of the store. I try and avoid packaged goods. I can identify fruits, vegetalbles and meat products. Companies keep changing their labels. I can't keep up. I should take the time and actually read the label but I always go for the colour or design on the box. That is also how I choose wine. I gravitate towards the most interesting package. The way I look it, if the company spends that much time and effort into their packaging, they must spend that much time on their product in the pretty package. So back to the grocery store. When I go for a certain product, I go for that particular box or package. When the package gets changed, I don't really notice. That is actually how I have ended up trying new and exciting goods, for example this coffee I purchased. Anything with Kick Ass in the title is my kind of coffee! I swear to whoever higher power, I thought it said ground coffee. I was in a hurry though. Entirely my fault. I did not take the time to read the label properly. It said Kick Ass though.....

My solution to this little oversight I thought was rather simple. I will purchase a coffee bean grinder! A shiny new toy. Great idea Joce! So Monday, I sucked it up and had tea for my morning beverage. On my lunch hour I will find a coffee grinder thing. No problem. It's one day. I can handle this switch of beverage. On my lunch hour, I venture to Wal Mart. It was a decent experience. There was not too many people there. I go to the small appliance section. Oooh. There is quite a selection here. Most of these names I have never heard of before. I go for something familiar. Black and Decker. I recognize those. They make tools. Tools are cool. They are built to last. I happily take my selection to the check out. Done. Mission complete.
I get home with my shiny silver and black new toy. I rip open the box. Wait. What? This doesn't look like the box. Where is the black part of the black and silver? Hmmmm. This is called something else. It starts with the letter S. Something is not right. I plug it in. Add in my Kick Ass beans. Push that little button. Nothing. Unplug, plug back in. Push little button. Nothing. Hmmmmm. Not good. Fire up computer. Look up Black and Decker coffee bean grinders. Try and match up the one sitting quietly on my counter in the kitchen with one on their website. Nothing looks like the one sitting on my counter. Hey now. Hold on a minute. This is not a Black and Decker coffee bean grinder. Bloody hell. Another morning without coffee. This will not end well. At least I kept the bill.

Another lunch hour approaches. I have gone two mornings without coffee. To all those who were in my path these past few days, I'm sorry. Tea is not the same as coffee in my system. I stumble into Wal Mart. I get directed to their customer service department.

Hi there. I start. I need to exchange this please.
It doesn't match the box.
It is not what I expected when I opened the box.
May I please have another one that matches the box?
Um. You don't like this one?
Not really. It didn't work and it doesn't match the box.
OK, get another.
Why thank you. :)

I go back to the small appliance section. I find the Black and Decker coffee bean grinders. I open the box. Fool me once..... Inside is a Black and Decker coffee bean that matches the box! Yes! I make my way back to the counter with the helpful cashier. I'm grinin' like an idiot. I make the switch and hope for the best.

I can't go directly home tonight. I will have to wait to test out my little machine. There is something I have to do that will take me away from home until at least
22h00. When I finally arrive home I'm anxious to test out my new toy. The fuzzies are quite angry at my list of priorities. Their supper time is precisely 18h04. It is now 21h46. I'm horribly late. But no matter. The machine works. It is grinding coffee. I will have coffee tomorrow morning. All will be right in the world. People will live. It will Kick Ass!!