Saturday, April 18, 2009

Awful Quiet in Here.....

I have always worked best at night. It feels like I have the entire world to myself. I can work on whatever what my little heart desires and not worry about any sort of interruption. Even the kiddies are asleep.

This is Rebel's spot at for the moment:

He seems to rotate his favourite spots every two weeks. Last week it was on top of my gym bag.

Napoleon is also tuckered out from whatever he did today.

I find it best if I don't know.

I was at home for about 30 minutes before I went to go pick up Husband at the gym. While I was checking my emails and looking at weird and interesting things online, the two of the them were tearing down the hall and jumping into the tub. I suspect they enjoy the loud thump. It is something to behold. Perhaps if I learn how to work the movie function on my camera, I can attempt to capture it.

As promised, here is my first completed Entrelac Sock.

I am really pleased with this. I worked on it steady this night while watching Being Erica on Surf the Channel. I like this show. I know I'm late to coming around, but so far, I love the concept. A thirty something who feels she has made too many mistakes in life. She has a ton of regrets and is given the opportunity to see if things would be different if she made other choices. I hope the show gets a second season.
I think I'm off to cast on the mate to the sock. Enjoy the week end everyone. I will check back soon. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Where to Start?

At the beginning, a very good place to start...........
I have still been going to the gym. It is getting a little more easier each time. I am starting not to have those tings of anxiety I get when I try something new. This tells me I am working this into my weekly routine. This is good.

To warm up, we do about 15 minutes on the stationary bike:

Then we start on the circuit that Husband has designed for me.
A few Leg Presses:

A few rowing moves:

Followed by crunches. I do not have a picture of crunches. It was getting ugly.

I have been knitting a fair bit this week end.
This is the part I'm at now for my Entrelac Socks:

These ending triangles are quite confusing. I'm thinking that I'm just thinking too much. How is that for a sentence?
As you can see, I've picked up the end stitches many times. They are starting to form their own live stitches. After I learn how to finish these triangles,I may try to make an arm warmer using this technique. It is quite a fun effort. I'm just a bit frustrated with the pattern. There seems to be some discrepancies.

We spent Easter with my parents. It was also a joint birthday celebration for my Mom and Husband:

I will not say their ages. I have been told not to. OK, more specifically, my Mom has requested I not mention it. Husband does not mind in the least if I say he is now joining the rest of us in the 30 year cohort. :)

We went for a walk and saw some interesting tracks. We felt like Mantracker.

Here are some turkey tracks:

Some coyote tracks:

And the most elusive of all, gnome tracks:

But hark........we spy him up ahead:

He moves awful quick. Not much time for sight seeing, but we did manage to fire off a few shots:

The drive home was nice. The sun was shining, there were no weather challenges and traffic was decent. We couldn't ask for better.

Here is another installment of what happens when Husband gets the camera:

I am glad we are home safe and sound. Rebel and Napoleon must have missed us horribly. They have not left our sides since we came through the door. That is just about the best welcome home I could ever ask for. I hope you all had a good Easter week end. Good night everyone. I am off to figure out my socks. When I have made it past that point, I will surely post the pictures of my efforts.
Night :)