Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Born......

We treated ourselves this week to a beautiful sushi dinner.

We share the appetizer of sushi pizza:

Very tasty treat with salmon, crab meat, cucumber and lots of other goodness on a bed of fried rice.

Husband enjoys his Tuna Lover's Roll, made of yes, tune, spicy tuna mix in the roll and raw tuna on top; while I dive into my Red Dragon Roll raw salmon on top, with shrimp, avocado and cucumber in the middle.

The wine I chose was just because the picture matched what we were eating:

Rather simple process, but albeit a successful one!

This will most likely be the last of our treats as we would otherwise have to barter with our first born to get our truck fixed. It seems everything goes at once. Today, we replace the brake line and serpentine belt. Now our truck has the amazing ability to move forward and stop. Nothing but the best for us eh?
Our next step will be replacing the spark plugs, ball joints, and shocks. Not all at once. The bright side is that these will be the last of the repairs for a while. After all is said and done, I still love our little truck. It's like my little terrarium. A nice little habitat until I arrive at my true home. It helps keep away some of my anxiety.

I'm off now to play mini planet. Have any of you tried this? It's on Facebook. I think the only thing that really bothers me about this application, is that you cannot tell without some serious investigating the age of the other players. There are 30 year old people trying to pick up teenagers. I like to hope they don't realize initially and quickly correct the situation. I wish parents were able to better monitor their children on the net. I know what a difficult task this is. I was one of those teens that tried to get away with absolutely everything. I did survive. I like to think though that is because my parents armed me with enough fear and common sense to be wary of predators and have some self esteem. There are not that many out there that were as lucky as I was. I suppose that is a phase that we all have to go through. I hope everyone makes it safely to the other side.
Good night everyone. Enjoy the rest of your week end.