Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back in the Caffeinated World

I finally found my coffee maker at Wal Mart. Oh Coffee, how I have missed you.

Now the world is once again safe! It's a cute little machine that I found for a very good price.

I had a great week end. On Friday night after I played cards badly but still had a ton of fun. It was a Euchre tourney. I only go to these once a year. Every time I've been, I've always enjoyed myself.

My friend came over on Saturday and we an awesome time. We made rum raisin ice cream.

Goodness in a bowl. It is loaded with cherry raisins, black currents, and all that natural stuff. I have to watch Rebel though. He is very partial to the rum part.

I also completed my Dragonfly scarf:

I am thrilled with how it turned out. I hope the recipient is just as pleased.

I also started another scarf for a friend:

It doesn't look like much now but give me a day or so......then I hope it looks like something cool. We will find out soon enough.

We also had our first snowfall this year:

It finally put me in a Christmas mood so I thought I would share my favourite Christmas tune with you:

Hope you all had a great week end. :D