Sunday, September 27, 2009

I've Done Some Knitting...

.......and added some more programming to my television addiction.

First the knitting bits:

I have finally started my Summer Socks from the Ravelry Pentathlon:

I really like the colour I selected. It's not as bright as I initially thought, but they will do just fine.
I'm not really pushing to have these completed by the deadline. I get the feeling from the main organizer that this event is not something she really wants to be a part of. I shouldn't let that influence me, but it has. So I will just try my best to enjoy the different patterns that become available.

I am also working on Valentine:

..for the baby Niece.

I was hoping to have it complete for her birthday which was this past Saturday, but it did not go that way. I am sort of happy I held of finishing it. It allowed me to do some reconnaissance for her size. She is just under 37 inches. :)This means I do not require much yarn.

Has anyone else been watching a lot of television lately? My Friday nights are solid! I start with Dollhouse, then the new one called Flash Forward, followed closely by Flashpoint. Not to mention all the TV during the week. Fringe started up again, so did America's Next Top Model......I could on for some time. I hope its not too weird to book social engagements around TV Guide.

I am still a little tired from the Niece's birthday party. All I really remember are a lot of sparkles, pink and a whole lot of icing. I think I'm starting to begin my sugar crash. Hope everyone had a great week end. I will chat with you soon!