Saturday, February 23, 2008

Does Not Follow Instruction :(

It was a short work week, but a long one all the same. There was a bit of tension at work. I think it was because of the lunar eclipse. It may mess with people's brain activity.

I went to my sock class on Thursday. I was so scared. Something new, new people, new environment....... But I went. Hubby thought he was going to have to escort me there, but I went willingly! I also re-knit my sock:

I just didn't like how it was knitting up the first three times. I think I understand how to make it look better.

I can't remember if I told you about this new show I'm watching. It is called The Treatment with Gabriel Byrnes. I absolutely love it! The concept is that there is a 30 minute show every night. Each night is dedicated to a character. I love this because there are no special effects. It is only the two (or in one case, a couple and therapist), talking. The set stays the same with the exception of Saturday night when Gabriel's character goes to his own therapist's house for his session. We miss all the shows at the 830 time slot. The joy in The Movie Network, is that you can "rent" each episode to watch on your own time. I choose Sundays to sit back, knit whatever and glue myself to the television. Have I mentioned I love television? hehehe.

Oh! I almost forgot. My dirty little secret. America's Next Top Model returned on Wednesday! I love this show. I have been anticipating this since the end of the last cycle.

I am off to get living room ready now. We have some of hubby's friends coming over to play video games. I plan to work on my sock. I have to finish up to the arch expansion before the next class.
I wish you all a good night.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Won't You Be My Neighbour

Remember when I mentioned earlier, that a very kind gentleman helped me release my truck from its slippery snow filled parking spot? Here is the toque I have made as a thank you:

It was a quick little number. I started it while watching the Jodie Foster movie Brave One, and finished it while watching Fay Grim. both are very cool flicks by the way. The Brave One brought out many emotions in me. I will not spoil it for you all out there. Let us just say, I was scared, pissed, happy, and relieved all within the span of two hours. Like I said, excellent flick.
Fay Grim was quick. It has Parker Posey, Jeff Goldblum, some other actors as well that you will recognize when you see, but just can't quite get their name out. It had very clever dialogue.

The toque did not look very well on my knee for photos...... I asked hubby to try it on:

He rather liked it. I am now making one for him:

This is the book I just picked up for the sock class I have mentioned:

I am very psyched. That is putting it mildly.

Tomorrow will be turkey supper with the in-laws. It should prove to be quite tastey. All of that side of the family can cook. You never go away hungry.
It is well past 200am now. I want to work on hubby's toque for a while longer.
Good night everyone :)