Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's a Toe

I'm trying something new tonight. I am trying to figure out how you start a sock from the toe and work your way to the cuff.
I think I got it:

Could just very well be:

Yep, still looks like a toe:

A toe emerges!

This is what hubby was working on while I was turning the air blue with my choice words:

It looks to be the start of a good week end. I am not on call for work. We are getting some decent weather. I am promised that I will be taken shoe shopping. We have some good movies to watch. Perhaps some laundry will done?
Wild week end ahead.

Friday, April 18, 2008

New Yarn and Then Some

I went to the yarn store located very close to my work with the intention of purchasing some more Addi's. I love those. Such a smooth operation. Anyway, I ended up adopting this lovely little gem:

Yep. More sock wool.

How cool will the colours be for these future socks? It goes from light yellow to black and then some. I'm excited to see how it transpires.
By the way......Those are my cool pjs. Nice little black and red stripe number eh?

I am feeling more confident in my knitting ability. I am just diving in there regardless of the skills and techniques required. With my new found power, I am sampling all sorts of wool I would otherwise not have dreamed of trying. Go me!!!

I also thought I should share with you my comfy night time socks. My mom made these for me:

The women in my family are cursed with feet as cold as ice. Every singal one of us. This explains why I am on such a sock kick of late. I love these socks. They are very roomy and stretch up to my knees. When I wear them I smile. They remind me of mom who is not exactly within arms reach. My parents are about a three hour drive away. I only seem to be able to get up there on long week ends or when I desperately need to get away from the craziness where I live. When we visit, I like to at least spend the night. I always sleep well. It is pitch black at night and the stars are so clear. Not at all like where I live now. There are too many street lights to cloud the view of the sky. At least she is in the same province now. For a little while they were living in Prince Edward Island. Beautiful country down there, just a very long commute to visit mom.
My goodness! My Canadian heritage is just falling out of me. I was listening to a comedian the other morning while trying to ready myself for work. He said that no where else has he heard people give directions or distance by using minutes. It would seem us Canadians like to gauge our distance by how long it takes us to get there as opposed to actually how many clicks away. I never really noticed that before. I dig it. :)
Here is another little pic from weekend fun:

I'm not sure what I did to get that. I woke up and voila! A mighty bruise. I must have bumped into the desk again. I never even felt it. Oh dear.
Right now I'm trying to learn how to cast on socks starting with the toe. It is a work in progress. I am hoping by tomorrow night or early morning I will have it licked.
I wish you all a good night. Talk soon.