Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Could be Right?

I have been working ever so hard on those socks. I have made a bit more progress:

It sort of looks like the picture doesn't it?

While I knit like a fiend, Hubby is busy mixing the medicine:

Why did they name this after B52s? I'm pretty sure it is not in remembrance of the pop group. Although, I really did dig that song Love Shack. How can you not wiggle your butt to that tune?

If I disappear of the internet, it is because of the little fuzzy techie:

Should have called him Chewy. He is also the reason I go without a phone for days and not realize it. I just like the quiet. I start to realize we have no phone when I start getting crazy emails wondering why I am screening my calls. I don't have that feature. That makes me examine all my cords more closely. Sure enough, I can then be seen at the techie stores asking for cords that resemble these, but less chewed.
I'm used to the weird looks now.
I'm off to knit a few swatches for my sock class tomorrow night. Look how responsible I am, doing homework!
America's Next Top Model is also on tonight. I have a busy night ahead of me.
Have a great evening. :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mondays are Awesome

I went to work today. It was difficult. I lost all motivation. But, I went. I am quite proud.
As a reward, this:

Became this:

Buenos Dias Mohitos!

Which unfortunately, slowed down the progress on this:

Cool what is happening so far though eh?
I will beat that lacey pattern! I will be Boss!

That, also made these two:

quite amusing.

Rebel gets all paranoid around Napoleon. He has good reason. Napoleon tried to nurse from Rebel when he was a kitten. I don't think anyone was more surprised than Rebel.

Another reason, is Rebel is not exactly built for speed. He tends to get a little stuck:

No I did not leave him like that. After I took his picture, I turned him right side up.

Napoleon is looking a little crazy there now that I examine this more closely.

I also watched CSI Miami tonight. How on earth can a television character affect you so greatly? I love this show. One of the characters left tonight. I was positively weepy. I won't say which one. I learned that little tidbit is a spoiler. So I will be good and keep it a secret for those who have not yet seen the show.
I'm going back to Mohitoville. I wish you all would join me. It's fun. Night all.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Still Kinda Red

It was a busy day for me today. I tried to lighten my hair colour again. I want it to be blonde by the end of May. All of my spring/summer wardrobe is based on me having blonde hair.
It was darker than this:

I am pleased with the result so far. I think a few more shades down and I will be at my target blondness.
It is really difficult to photograph yourself. This was the only pic I managed to take where I do not resemble a serial killer.

I also dressed and went outside for a short time. The mall always pulls me out of my funk. My title among our friends is The Aging Mallrat. I love The Mall. It is a city within a city. You can find everything you ever need or desire all under one roof. How awesome is that?

I completed my Cedar Dancing Socks:

I want a fresh slate for when I return to the sock club this Thursday. I am very glad I am on the mend for this event. I would hate to be hacking and sniffling in the corner trying my best to look healthy. No one likes a diseased person in their midst.

I had to put away those tricky lace socks from the Pentathlon Sock group on Ravelry. The way I see it: If I complete these socks before time up in two months, I will be one happy little camper.

Tomorrow I will going to work. I don't quite feel strong nor my quirky self as of yet. I am sure by mid week, I will be more myself.

I think I will surprise Mom this Sunday. It is afterall, Mother's Day. I'm in search of a climbing rose bush for her to add to her garden. She has yet to include one of those. She was not able to have any roses in her yard on Prince Edward Island. The climate was not suitable for them. Too cold I believe. She is making up for that lack in full swing now. I'm glad. It means she is finally getting used to her home and starting to add her own touches to the place.
That's about all I have to say or share for now. I hope you all have a great start to the week tomorrow. I hope the same for me too. Take care all.

Not Doing a Heck of A Lot

I'm a still a bit under the weather. I am feeling much stronger though. Tomorrow my big plan is to get dressed and go OUTSIDE!
How adventurous.
For the time being, I am very content to surf the endless amusements that I can find on the net with my co-conspirator.

Rebel has been a great doctor. A good nap buddy. Note all the cold paraphernalia by the pc:

Hope you all have a great day!