Thursday, August 6, 2009

Need More Holidays

You ever notice how you need a holiday to rest after your official holidays? Maybe that is just my holidays.

We attempted to go to Canada's Wonderland. We were only able to hit a few of the many rides as we were unfortunately rained out. That seems to be the theme of our summer in these parts. Have no fear. We are attempting to go again mid-August and my need for very fast drops and loops will be abated!

We returned from Gravenhurst on Monday. We had an awesome time. The weather was beautiful.

We enjoyed lots of good eats

........and lots of good drinks

Which had led to some interesting fun.....

Like many of our towns in Ontario, Gravenhurst is amazing. There is lots to see and do, especially if you are an outdoorsy type.

Turns out I'm a bit of pyro. I can set a fire in just about any condition. (Weather wise I mean, not my person condition. hehehe)

The fire kept strong until we put it out. It's good to know that if I am ever in the bush for an extended period of time, I'll be warm through the night.

Holiday traffic was horrible. Since the main highway home was completely stopped, we opted to take the back roads. This actually proved a bit difficult as there are only two seasons in Ontario, Winter and Construction. Many of the more familiar paths were closed. Sounded like the perfect excuse for some adventure.

They are not kidding. The width of our truck just fit down that little path.

It was great fun though.

I believe we are up to date now. If anything else happens, I'll be sure to tell you.
Have a good night everyone.