Monday, April 15, 2019

Slowly Peaks Outside...

We have been assured by the weather channel that cold, bitter months of winter are behind us.
I have my doubts.
I just glanced at my posting history and realized that I have totally missed the month of March.
I was hibernating.
At least when I am hunkering down, trying to avoid the cold, I have many hobbies to occupy my mind.
I have been knitting.
I am making great progress on my Twirla Socks. Pattern by Amanda Schwaba.

I have been making steady progress on my 10 stitch blanket.
I had no idea I had knit that many socks!
Napoleon was kind enough to model for me.

Napoleon gave us a little scare the other week.
I know he is no longer the young kitten , hell-bent on destroying and taking over universes, though he is still my kitten at heart.
To be honest, I have no idea how old he might be.
We noticed he was rapidly losing weight and more grumpy than usual.
We decided to switch up his food a little and add some wet into his dry.
At first he looked at this mixture with utter confusion and a dash of WTF.
We have noticed that he is eating more slowly and all of his portion.
His fur is getting a little thicker.
He also seems to be taking an interest in things going on outside the patio doors.
So far so good.
I also notice that as he gets older, he enjoys cuddling more.
I think it brings us both comfort.
I am one very relieved mother of fuzzy children.

Jackie and I are still venturing outside for our walks.
I made a painting based on a photo I captured along the scenic trail close to our home.

I am quite proud of this watercolour.

I also completed another rabbit painting.

Lastly, a little card I just finished for a friend's birthday.

I have been feeling a little under the weather. I did something odd to my back last month and I am just now able to put on my socks with crying. Standing is no problem. It is the bending that gets me. If I ever learn what it was I did to create this much pain, I promise to never, ever, EVER, do it again.

I hope you are well.
Jackie and I going to visit our backyard and see if any of out flora friends have decided to make an appearance.