Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To the Kitchen....

I felt all domestic today. I decided to make my pasta salad!

I start with these little ingredients:

pasta, feta, cherry tomatoes, and a field cucumber and then I go from there.

I boil, then rinse off my pasta:

Chop up my veg/fruit:

Mix it up in a bowl:

Looks pretty eh?

Add some olive oil:

Some balsamic vinegar:

Italian seasoning:

and my favourite, Feta:

That's my salad:

Easy right? I suppose you can add all sorts of other yummy things. That is all I really like on mine though. I'm not one for onions or anything too spicy. At least not yet. I was told my taste buds will change as I get older. I'm not so sure. I still do not like eggplant.
I'm going to decompress now. I hope your Tuesdays were much better than mine. See you all later. :)