Sunday, February 9, 2014


My Breakdown socks are complete and shipped to who I hope will be a very happy wearer.
Is that a word?

I made some excellent progress on Hubs' sweater:

My new transportable project are a pair of socks from the Op-Art Sock book by Stephanie Van Der Linden, Fibonacci.

This is what I have been listening to as I do all this knitting,

Egg Things

I created something pretty cool in my kitchen the other day.
For once, I actually photographed all of the steps I took instead of just before and after shots.
I have been reading on various blogs and Facebook about breakfast snacks.
I thought to myself, well hell! I can do that!
I had some extra dough left over from an apple pie I made,

So I rolled that out,

I cheated. This is stuff I purchased from the grocery store.

Then I cut out circles with a cup and fitted them into a muffin tray.

The goodness that fills up those little cups are the following:

Bacon because everything tastes better with bacon!


The bag labelled that taco cheese. I say it goes with everything.

Big ass mushrooms!

Oh! Found celery!

Might as well add that in there as well.

So, first I scramble up my eggs,
add in my super secret ingredient,

Not so secret anymore.
I mix in some cream and the cheese in my egg mixture, and while I am doing that, I have heated up my fry pan.
I have chopped up my bacon and put that into the pan.
Then I chop up my celery and mushrooms. When the bacon is cooked, I toss in the veggies.

Looks pretty eh?

When that is all fried up, I add it to the egg mixture,

Then I attempt to carefully spoon that mixture into my pastry cups. Note the key word, attempt.

Then they get popped into the oven until they look done.

I was surprised at how they puffed up. That must be the baking soda.

At this point, I must say that muffin tin is the best thing ever. It is a Westin brand I purchased ages ago at a Walmart. No matter how messy it gets, I can always get the goodies out of the tin with hardly any trouble. Which is great. I am a very messy kitchen person.

The end result:

Not bad eh?