Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happenings from November

Mother Nature appears to be off her meds once again.
One night, I walk to work and it is pouring rain.
It was also rather warm. At the time it reminded me of March weather where you can almost feel Spring.
By the time I arrived at work, the temperature had dropped rather suddenly and it was snowing.
I love weather in Canada!

I'm slowly starting to organize for Christmas.
I have in my head an idea for gifts and good intentions to locate the tree in the basement.
To be honest though, Christmas is not really my holiday.
There is always all this pressure.
I try not to succumb.
It is one of my main reasons why I elect to work that holiday.

I have also been knitting and doodling.
Nothing much to really show as of yet.
The knit project I'm working on is a test knit.
Progress has been quite slow due to our new addition to the family.

I named him Rorschach after one of my favourite characters from a comic book, Watchmen.

It took a good day for everyone to get used to each other.
Now they are all pretty brothers and sisters.
If I cannot locate Rorschach, I just have to look for Jackie.

I might have to find Jackie a larger bed to fit everyone more comfortably.

Lately I have also been obsessed with my new gaming system!
I finally located a mini Nintendo gaming system that has a lot of my favourites built into the tiny console.
I have been reliving my childhood and playing a lot of Super Mario Bros. with Rorschach.

I'm off for a walk with Jackie while the sun is shining.
I hope you are all well!