Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Things To Do While on Holiday

Discover interesting things about your home.
We have learned that most of these walls have three layers of drywall.

That is a picture of the living room wall and ceiling.
Hubs decided to tackle the big task of fixing all the wiring.
When he opened up some of the walls and ceilings, he found there were a lot of old wires that were so dry they just disintegrate as you touch them. In other situations there is just a bundle of wires that go absolutely no where.
Rebel was very interested in the wiring phase.

We also decided to replace the ugly carpet in the bedroom.

Good by ugly carpet!

This is that Styrofoam type matting that goes down on the old floor and under the new floor.

First piece of new floor!

Halfway there!

Good bye ugly carpet, hello new shiny floor!!!!!

Besides being all Do-It-Yourself Home reno edition, I've been knitting and watching a lot of television.

I've started my OpArt Blanket for a friend.

I love this blanket! It does not take much brain power. I can watch Revenge and Breaking Bad and not worry about missing anything important by concentrating on the stitches.
Little Man chose the colours. He has taken quite the shine to this blanket. I will most likely knit one for him as well.

I was reading the posts on facebook and it said something about a blue moon last night.
Well, I waited and waited and then waited some more.

It does not look blue to me.

I am going to continue to work on my blanket and watch Pretty Little Liars.
I will see you all later!