Friday, April 29, 2011

Everything is Well

I`ve gone to work for three days now and I am really enjoying the experience. It is overwhelming as there is so much information that many people are trying to explain to me in French and in English. Night shift truly agrees with me. It fits in with my natural sleep schedule. My clients are doing their best to teach me various phrases. My boyfriend`s children are also trying to teach a few words as well. They are super great kids. I just hope they are teaching me the proper words. :P The cats are adjusting nicely. I think Rebel is trying to explain to his new fuzzy brother how best to deal with Napoleon. It really looked like they were having a tete a tete the other evening. I have an additional body following me into the washroom as well. I now have a full staff of cat body guards.
We had one wicked rainstorm yesterday. The normal two feet rivers became ten and I`m not even exaggerating. If my camera would only make an appearance, I would show you.
There are still a ton of boxes to go through. It is like Christmas for the children. They have no idea what will pop out of the next box. How can one grown woman have so many comics, video games and consoles?
I have three more shifts of work than I`m off for two days. Maybe then I can sort out the rest of my boxes. Have a great Friday night everyone.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Here......

Seven hundred kilometers, seven driving hours, two screaming cats, two vehicles and a one very excited driver later I am home. What a trip and a half. It really is all quite a blur. My boyfriend and I picked up the U-Haul trailer Saturday morning. For some reason they did not have the 5 x 8' trailer I had initially reserved and asked if I would be ok with a 6 x 12. Sure, not a problem, especially since it is the same price. Can never have too much room. Am I ever glad fate intervened. We needed all that space and then some. Who knew that such a tiny apartment could house so much stuff. It is not even knick knacks and dust collectors. It is actually things that I use on a somewhat regular basis and really enjoy. I did a major clean up the first time I moved. I gave away or threw out things I hadn't used in over six months. We even tossed out my mattress set. The way I see it, I would much rather start new memories on a new bed. Thank goodness the boyfriend enjoys puzzles and is very puzzled. I have no idea how he managed to fit everything into that trailer. There was not an inch of space left when he was finished, not even for a pillow. Trust me. I tried to fit one in.
We stopped at my parents for Easter dinner that night. Except dinner was over. After we completed the puzzle and sorted out where the cats would fit, we didn't actually get to leave Acton until almost 19h00s. We arrived at Mom's at 21h30s. I had to drive slower than I'm used to on that 401 highway. The trailer had an odd distribution of weight. If I drove over 82kms/hr, it would really swing. At one point it must have looked really bad. All I could see in one of my mirrors was my boyfriend's eyes growing as big as saucers. I think he went through a lot of smokes on that trip. That was actually the first time Rebel and Napoleon were quiet.
I actually slept quite well that night. My shoulders were a little tired though. I'm really not used to towing anything. I have driven large vehicles before, but they were all one solid unit. I didn't have to worry about the back wheels following.
We saw some great country. There is a high way we drove from Peterborough to Montreal that is very scenic. If I knew where my camera was and I didn't need two hands on the wheel, I would have taken a ton of pictures. The screaming was also quite distracting. The only scenery that remained constant was the 'U' and 'L' in either of my side mirrors.
We arrived home at 19h00 and just took the basics into the house. We had a bit of supper and then took in a few boxes. The kids came back after being with their Mom all week end. We all sort of looked at each other for. We are all shy, unsure what to say. This will improve. Napoleon took to his new home rather quickly. He is still looking for mischief. Rebel is a little more slow. As long as he has his kibble and somewhere to sleep where no one will bother him, he is good to go. There is a cat here, Tom and a ferret, Fwin. I have no idea how to spell Fwin's name yet. That is what is sounds like when I hear it said.
I started training for my new job yesterday morning. There was a lot of information that entered my head. I'm not worried though. It is what I used to do before I became a bus driver. The people I will be working with are very kind and patient. I do not have any doubt that I will pick things up quickly. The best part is that it is night shift. My vampire hours can continue!!! This shift also seems to work well withe the routine of the family.
When I arrived back home and my boyfriend returned from work, we dropped off that trailer. I suspect even my truck was happy to be rid of that blasted thing. No more weird shaking or braking system! No longer seeing a 'U' and 'L' in my mirrors.
All of my things are now in the home. We just have to figure out where to put things. Opening up all the boxes is like Christmas. I can't remember what I packed where. I labeled them as best I could, but due to lack of time they are vague labels. It is a good thing the kids enjoy the surprise. They have been a huge help. I'm also happy to report that so far, nothing has been broken.
I am happy to be home. It is a lot of new and I'm excited for the first time in a long time to see where this path leads.
Hope you all had a happy Easter.