Monday, July 10, 2017

Holidays are Over...

..for now.
I will take another week for Halloween.
I was lucky to take two weeks.
We decided to finally tackle the roof.
Hubs is doing the project solo.
It is a big undertaking but, it is going extremely well.
I have been taking pictures of the progress to help Hubs and for mementos.
Hubs has had previous experience with this sort of work before, just not to this scale.
Our roof was eroding at quite the rapid rate.
You would be sitting outside on the back deck and if a wind blew, you would be sprinkled with bits of shingles.
Not quite the ambiance we had in mind for sitting peacefully outside.
Here are some of the many photos I have taken:

The awful, flakey green shingles are being replaced a dual grey colour. When Hubs applies them, they have an interesting texture. It almost reminds me of the images I would see in fairy tales, how the castles were constructed. We are very happy with the progress!

We have also been enjoying a bit of nature.

I am keeping a close eye on these raspberries! Jackie always beats us to it.

Saturday we enjoyed Comiccon in Montreal.

Little Man found another video game sword to add to his collection and I found some issues of Daredevil that I had not even ready yet!
Hubs enjoyed all the costumes and creativity. People really do outdo themselves. They get right into character. I love seeing that kind of passion!

Yesterday I went kayaking.
I never thought that would be a sentence that would emerge from my mouth.
I have some weird tan lines from the life jacket but it was worth it.
Our town has events throughout the year and post them online or in the newsletter that is delivered to our mail box.
A friend had signed up to go with someone who, at the last minute had an emergency. She thought I might be interested.
Ok, let's give it a go.
Since I had never done this before, I actually googled what to wear when kayaking.
I was a little panicky.
Thankfully, there was little to fear.
The kayaks they provide are fairly light weight and very stable. No need to fear about tipping over.
We did not experience any sort of Gilligan's Island revival.
It was a great day!

Now we draw to end of my vacation.
There is still work to be down on the roof, but Hubs has that well in hand.
He also has one more week of holidays.
He can work during the morning then call it a day as a retire to sleep in the afternoon.
It was not exactly relaxing, but productive!

Since we are experiencing a bit more rain this morning, I am going to enjoy Daredevil and finish my coffee.
Have a great day everyone!