Saturday, April 26, 2008

And Then There Was One

I have one of my Jacobean socks complete.

This was my attempt of a creative shot. I know. I will keep working on it.

It's a bit longer than intended. I was watching this cool movie and I sort of got carried away. Now my Jacobean sock is a knee high. It is still a sock, so I am pleased.

Since hubby is still not feeling all that great, it will be another quiet week end.This is dependent of my pager does not go off every hour. I am on call for work this week. I hate it. I can never rest. Every time something beeps or dings, I jump. I even jump if my beloved coffee maker dings when my elixir is created. How on earth can I be so jumpy when my favourite machine in my kitchen is communicating with me? The cats must sense something. They keep trying to "kill" it. I secretly hope for their success.
I have the Fraggle Rock theme song in my head. It has been there taking up valuable space for three days. Why on earth does that happen? And of all the songs in the world, why that one? I wonder if it is a secret message and my brain is trying to tell me something.
I'm off to play video games. I have to distract my brain from that lovely little tune before I try to go to sleep. Have a good day everyone.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hard Day's Rest

This was where I left Rebel when I left for work this morning:

This is where I found Rebel when I returned from work this evening:

Do you see a difference?
Neither did Napoleon.

I think he was concerned:

Rebel just has his days where he would prefer to hold up in a nice tight space for a while. He does some serious thinking on these days. I'm just happy he was in the middle of the living room and not held up in some dark corner where he usually likes to ponder the mysteries of life. Just seems more healthy when he elects to keep to the sunlight for a bit.

While Rebel was contemplating the universe tonight, I was watching America's Next Top Model and doing some serious knitting on my Jacobean sock.
Check this puppy out:

Bet you didn't think I had any other pjs by looks of previous posts eh? Check out this green little number. And oh yes, there is a top to match. hehe
I am really pleased with the development. I learned a few new things with this sock. I can now start socks at the toe. I do not have to go from my "go to" version at the cuff. I also learned how to do a new heel:

I'm totally psyched. I love when a plan comes together.

Hubby is not feeling himself today. He has some nasty flu like thing going on. I'm trying to be quiet so he can get some much needed rest. I think the cats are feeling for him because they too are being extra quiet tonight. You know what this means? They will raise a little hell when he starts to feel better. Who knows what we will be in for later.

Have a good night everyone and stay healthy.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Awesome Day!

We did a bit of shopping today. With the gorgeous weather about, I had to buy new sandals. I found these super cool heels:

Guess what I am wearing on Monday?
I love the chrome heels!

We also bought a new mat for the entrance way. One that is a tad more heavy duty. I had this bamboo number for a few years. It started to look like one of the cats' chew toys. Which is probably what they were doing when we were not at home.

Rebel seems to approve:

Apparently, it may taste a little funny. Perhaps this one will last longer?

Napoleon is not as sure.

However, with Rebel making himself quite at home, they seem to have found some quality sleep time.

Here is an update on my Jacobean socks for the group on Ravelry:

I'm wondering how the heel will look. So far this is going quite well.

We rented a few movies for the week end. Last night we watched Juno. It was most excellent. It did leave me wondering though: Is this how the cool kids really talk now?
The girl who plays Juno, Ellen Page, is an amazing actor. I love most of the films she has been in.
I'm off to play more PS2. I'm at this tricky part that has taken me the better part of this week. I am not going to sleep until I get past it.
Have a good night everyone.