Friday, March 7, 2014

March Break

March Break is almost at an end.
There were a lot of changes and challenges for the little man, but also a lot of fun to be had. I wanted to make sure that even though things might not be going as smoothly as they should in some aspects of his life, there is always some fun, some adventure and some goodness in other areas.
A while back, few months I believe, Little Man said he would like to learn how to cook.
I said ok. You find something that you would like to try and we will attempt to make it happen.
A few weeks go by and there was some epic flu and just other life things that happened but we managed to create something pretty awesome in that kitchen.
He found a recipe for a roast on Ricardo's website. Fair warning. It is in french. So it turned out to be a lesson for both of us.
Before with all the spices rubbed into the meat.


Not opening the oven door for two hours was torture for us!

I cannot find the recipe for the carrots, but they were filled with awesome!

The carrots were sliced thing, placed in chicken broth and brought to a boil.
Then they were left to simmer until most of the juice were sucked into the carrots.
Then we melted some butter and honey over the carrots.
When they were coated, we took them out of the sauce pan and sprinkled chives over them.
They tasted great!

Last but not least, every great meal needs some sort of kick ass dessert.
Not just any cheesecake, Peanut Butter Cheesecake!
We found the recipe in an early 90s Taste of Home magazine.

We also had some adventures outside of the house.
We experienced the Biodome and the Planetarium of Montreal.

It was amazing that we could see all these different ecosystems under one roof! Then a 3 minute jaunt and we can explore space!

The Tropical Rain Forest:

They have some strange creatures in that Rain Forest

Laurentian Maple Forest

The Gulf of St. Lawerence and Labrador Coast

And the Sub-Atlantic Islands

Then we ventured into Outer Space,

In incredibly comfy bean bag chairs.

Such a great day!!!

We also decided to explore a bit of Montreal and search for comic books.
We forgot to bring the camera, but here is a few of our efforts we can share:

and to top it all off,
the first installment of my Super Villain Sock club arrived!!

The Joker!
It was an excellent March Break.