Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Catching Up

I picked up another shift at work.
An evening shift.
I go to work in the daylight.
Like some common day-walker.
Some days I like to pretend I'm Blade.

As a result of the partial shift change, I'm working a few nights, then a few evenings and back to nights again, I am missing out on a lot of interesting tidbits.
For starters,
Miley Cyrus.
Apparently she did this thing at the video awards and caused a lot of people, mainly women from all the posts I keep reading, to clutch their pearls and tsk tsk.
I watched the video.
I don't really see the big deal.
I'm reminded of Madonna.
Remember that book she put out a little while that caused everyone to talk.
It was wrapped up in tin foil and called risky art.
Lady Gaga is another female that raises eyebrows.
Something about Spiritual Totatema.
Careful. There is a lot of see through mesh ensembles if you happen to google that phrase.
Then there are all the "accidental" sex tapes being leaked.
I guess the difference is Cyrus did not pretend to leak her moves.
At least she did not bite the head off of a bat.

Personal stuff,
We had the first day of school last week.
Someone was so happy to go back he was awake at 0600, dressed, back pack on and waiting eagerly for the bus.
I do not remember being that happy to go to school ever.
Mom was a difficult negotiator so I hardly missed any days when I was in elementary school.
I think I finally wore her down when I started high school.
As long as I did not miss anything important like exams, projects etc. and not make my absences too obvious, I was ok.
Reno was very confused about this whole school concept.

I am still working on my OpArt Blanket.

While I'm working on my blanket, I started watching the first season of Game of Thrones.
I was right.
This show makes my eyes water in a few scenes, just like the books.

I also made a blueberry dessert for someone's birthday.

In Hubs defense it was quite early.

I just thought of another person that likes to makes headlines.

Careful folks.
You might see nipples.