Thursday, May 28, 2009

That There is a Big Ball of Fun!

There has not really been anything terribly exciting going on. The rain has kept most of our activities confined to the indoors. I am very OK with that by the way. It leaves me more time for different kind of fun. For instance, I have a big ball of yarn and I think I know what to do with it:

This is a skein of Fleece Artist's Hand Dyed Donegal. At least that is what is says on the label.

It is a bit scratchy at the moment. I have worked this before and know that the scratchiness will wear away. As you are working with it, a fine oily layer seems to coat your fingers. I'm not sure if that is just a quirk with this particular yarn or it is something that belongs to this brand. I am enjoying the process all the same. I am really liking how it is knitting up. I trust my little project to look pretty cool by the end.

I have also found a lost project among the little baggies while I was tidying up this past week end. My Olympic socks from last session's Pentathlon on Ravelry.

Rebel seems to like the process

Which leads to my next question. I wonder if I missed out on an information file for the current session of the Sock Knitter's Pentathlon? I keep checking, but see nothing new happening. I guess I will just enjoy my drink and not worry about it. Eventually I will learn new information.

This is what I am enjoying at the moment:

I am actually a bit sleepy at the moment which is my cue to head to bed. Good night everyone. I hope your Fridays go well for you. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wine, Dine, 5 Flight Decline

I am so happy to be on the mend. To celebrate, we had an awesome week end filled with lots of sunshine, sitting outside, good eats, excellent beverages, and lots of entertainment.

With the arrival of spring, comes the farmer's market where you can buy an assortment of goodies. The husband is usually the one elected to attend this event as I don't normally see Saturday mornings. The things he came home with made an extremely good meal.

It all started with appetizers:

Blue cheese on fried flat bread.

Followed closely by the main course:

Sweet Potatoes

And New York strips

All prepared on the barbecue.

I enjoyed my wine, and Husband enjoyed his Manhattan.

If any of you would like the mix recipe for any of the above, just send me a comment and I will be willing to trade :)

Now for part of the entertainment of the evening.
Apparently, there was quite a bit preparation involved in this little scheme, approximately seven months worth. The outside world is very attractive to Rebel and Napoleon this time of year.
It is a simple plan really, involving brute strength and a bit of cunning.

Rebel dislodges the broom handle we keep propped in the door to avoid such adventure and Napoleon runs like hell to see what all the fuss is about at our next door neighbours.

We are not really worried about Rebel.

He pretty much just sits there looking slightly ticked off that the sun is out.

Napoleon is a whole other story.

He tends to munch on the neighbours flowers and peer into their unit. Not exactly the most comforting experience.

We also went on a few walks. We took some pictures of the various things that are out in bloom.

We have a wonderful trail that circles Mill Pond close to where we live. There is always something of interest to behold.

Today it was a bit warmer so we were able to enjoy the balcony a little longer. We were also better equipped to keep the cats confined to the safety of the indoors.

I also learned another lesson.

May sometimes lead to this:

It takes about half a can of cider to wind it back up. :-|

Once the yarn was re wound, we sat to enjoy another great meal:

Lamb burgers with blue cheese, more yummy asparagus and in the tinfoil are carrots. Very tasty indeed.

The cook is pretty fun to watch as well ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful week end. I'm off to go knit the straps for my Askew tank. Good night everyone. :D

P.S Rebel and Napoleon did apologize for causing grief yesterday. It might have helped that there was food involved.