Thursday, February 19, 2015

Free Dishcloth Pattern

I have quite a few skeins of kitchen cotton which have been asking for me to use them.
I decided to tinker around with an idea that has been in my mind for a dishcloth.

This is my pattern that I created:
Size 4.00mm needles
50g of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, pattern above shown in Hot Green
Stitches used are stockinette, seed, purl and knit.
Cast on 44 stitches and begin working 3 rows in seed stitch.
Seed stitch is worked all around the dishcloth to keep a nice border, 3 stitches on the sides and 3 rows at the top and bottom.
The first row of brick is worked as follows:
The first 3 stitches in seed stitch, knit 7, turn work, purl back across 5 stitches, turn work, knit across these 5 stitches. Repeat these rows for an additional 7 rows. On final round, wrong side facing, purl back across 6 stitches. Turn work, slip 1, knit 12. Repeat this section until the end of the row, with 3 stitches at the end left for the seed stitch border.
The second row of the brick section is started after knitting across 10 stitches, turn work, purl back across 5 stitches, turn work, knit across these 5 stitches. Then do exactly what you did on the previous row to repeat the brick pattern.
Continue repeating these 2 rows until you have your desired size or you run out of cotton.
I was able to complete 9 rows of bricks for my dishcloth.
After ending with 3 rows of seed stitch, cast off and weave in the loose ends.
I hope you have enjoyed my little pattern.

Monday, February 16, 2015

painting: February

Titled February
Oil on canvas
30" x 40"
Completed February 16 2015

This is a painting I have been working off an on since February of 2010.
I had started a new phase of my life. It is based on a photo I had taken on my first night in my new apartment.

I might go in and tweak it a little bit, but for now I am happy to say it is complete.