Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Spirit?

Christmas has started to actually started to become almost a holiday feeling and not just another day on the calendar.
When I was little, there was that anticipation of all the things you see advertised on social media networks. The big family dinner. The large tree in a family room supported by colourfully wrapped presents. That mysterious large man that manages to visit every child around the globe.
All those things slowly started to disappear from my life after important family members died. The matriarch that held the family together was the hardest for everyone to come to grips with. After a while, we all just started to drift apart. We would still hold a somewhat large dinner on that certain day but there was no feeling of something good to come. It was just anxiety. Hoping that nothing would burn and no one drink too much.
I think what has helped me is that I actually feel like I make a difference in a few lives. I am needed. I serve a purpose and help other people figure out what we can all do together. I'm not saying that will work for everyone, but it has helped me.
Recently, I started to build my own traditions. All those people that cause drama and turmoil? No longer has access to my life.
In our home, we do our thing. If you want to join us, no problem. Bring an open mind. We also won't say no to a bottle of wine.
I have even started to actively learn how to cook things. I have been more adventurous and cooking things like roast and chickens and turkeys. I've posted those pics right?

The other day I even made cookies!
These are called Brown Sugar Cookies.

They turned out pretty good.

Some of them even look like the picture on the website!

Since this is my first night off in about a week, I am just going to take it easy and watch the snow continue to fall. I hope you are all doing alright in your own little neck of the woods.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's Only -13 C!

It is finally warming up a little bit in this tiny town.
Early it was about -20 C. It will be around that temperature once Christmas arrives.
It is a good thing I finished those toques!

And look! It works well against our Canadian chilliness.

Little Man is thrilled with his. He even wore it for Christmas concert!

The rest of my knitting is on hold for now until the holes in my fingers heal.
I will just have to spend quality time with my games.
Stay warm everyone!