Saturday, May 17, 2008

No Pics, Just Words

I do not have any pictures to share. I have been in a froggin' mood. I was working diligently on the many pairs of socks I have on the go and I just did not like what is going on. So, I have taken them apart and I will begin fresh. I just think I'm a tad wore out. I will have lots of time to recuperate this long week end. I have no plans set in stone. I never do. I like to be a home-body. Hubby rented a few movies for the week-end: 27 Dresses (which we just finished watching, I have a story, remind me if I don't share it.) I'm Not There, ( a thing referring to Bob Dylan), and The Savages, (this one may be a scooch too close to home, another story sparked by the theme of this movie, again, remind me.)
While watching 27 Dresses, I thought of our wedding. It was literally a blur. I was all worried my parents would not be able to attend. They were living in Prince Edward Island at the time. It is a 22 hour drive away. That is a Canadian reference. We always refer to distance with increments of time. For example: How far away is Toronto? Oh, about 45 minutes. It's just the way we are. Anyway, it wasn't the distance I was worried about. My step father suffered a stroke of that summer and my parents were just not up to par. However, they persevered and arrived in style. I had a very short guest list. If I didn't feel the guilt, I would have just invited parents and grandparents and called it a day. Guilt is a powerful thing. I invited siblings, who were on strict orders to act their age and not their shoe size, and my Aunt and her boyfriend. I thought it would be nice for my parents to stay with them, seeing as it was my mom's sister. My parents had other ideas:
No, no, no. We will stay with yous. Your aunt's place is too cold.
I'm sure I can find some blankets you can take to help keep warm.
No, that's alright. We don't mind staying with you.
Well,..............alright then.
So my parents stayed with us, and yes, on our wedding night as well.
We were wed by the justice of the peace. Neither of us hold any strong religious ties. The minister was female. I chose her because a) I could pronounce her name. b) she reminded me of someone. Turns out, she married my mom and step father years ago. How wild is that?
We drove to city hall. We led in our truck, my parents and sister were in their car.
We arrived at city hall and my parents were no where to be seen. They were right behind us. I think they were caught up with too many red lights. I wasn't worried because they had been to this part of town before and knew the area quite well...........or so I thought.
We met with the minister. She asked if we were ready. Ummmm, nope, my parents aren't here yet. Not to worry, we can do a different type of ceremony. OK, no problem.
So we wait.
And wait.
And wait.
Oh dear.
The parents arrive.
Our ceremony was a record breaking 10 minutes long.
I think I preferred that one as opposed to the one initially created.
We did have an awesome reception. It was at a restaurant downtown. Gorgeous setting. The menu was safe enough that everyone was able to eat and not complain about this that and the other thing.
We had a very quiet wedding night. My parents in the next room sort of put a damper on the festivities. I do recall my mom saying she didn't really want grandchildren.
Overall, it was nice. I loved my dress. I love my husband. I love my family and all their quirkiness. Life is good.
I hope you are all well. If I told this story before, forgive me. I blame the rye. :)
Have a good week end everyone.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Did Some Shopping

I was having a difficult time at work today. I'm not sure why really. It just seemed like I was very agitated and I couldn't pinpoint a reason. The cure for this ailment is to shop. This is what I found on my lunch hour:

This one has a pattern on the label I'm willing to try out:

I'm curious to see how those double points work. I have yet to try anything that short. I'm game for anything though.

Napoleon was also having a rough day:

I'm not sure what was bothering him. I suspect it has something to do with the landlords and all the yard work. He has yet to step outside on any of the grass that is five floors below. This however, does not prevent him from thinking it is his and no one should be treading on it. Rebel doesn't seem too bothered. He hates daylight and spends most of his time hiding from the sun.

I have also been watching Women's Murder Club on . This is the most awesome site ever. It has every television show under the sun and then some. Actually, I'm going to head over that way now. I have my new sock to work on:

Off I go. Have a great night everyone. One more sleep till long week end!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tools of Madness

I hate being on call for work. There! I've said it. I feel cleansed.
My day started at 1:30 this morning. I had a page from a driver, which stated, he couldn't be back in time for a run that started at 4:30am. I immediately called him back at the number he provided. It went straight to voicemail preventing me from voicing my concerns on his choice of whereabouts, which were not in a bus. Who on Earth would I be able to call at that time of the morning to drive a bus? I know if I heard the phone ring at that hour, I'm probably going to the old country because grandma died. I managed a solution, but it wasn't resolved until 330.
I think the view outside my window pretty much sums up my day.

Rainy, dark and cold looking.

Rebel was even tired from all the craziness, and he is a nocturnal creature:

Napoleon didn't want anything to do with any objects that vibrated or made any noise. (OK, that may sound bad, but you know what I mean). He barricaded himself in the washroom:

I have had to re-knit my socks:

I had finally gotten to the part where I start the heal. I was delayed by my mother's cats who found that 200 yards of yarn was perfect to wrap around the dining table, the television, go outside, and around a hedge. I had to unwrap it all and begin again because in my frustration of the day, I had lost too many stitches to pick up. The ones I managed to keep were way too tight to work with.

These little objects are the source of my tension for what was supposed to be a restful Sunday:

My Sunday is now over and I wish you all a wonderful night.