Thursday, May 15, 2008

Did Some Shopping

I was having a difficult time at work today. I'm not sure why really. It just seemed like I was very agitated and I couldn't pinpoint a reason. The cure for this ailment is to shop. This is what I found on my lunch hour:

This one has a pattern on the label I'm willing to try out:

I'm curious to see how those double points work. I have yet to try anything that short. I'm game for anything though.

Napoleon was also having a rough day:

I'm not sure what was bothering him. I suspect it has something to do with the landlords and all the yard work. He has yet to step outside on any of the grass that is five floors below. This however, does not prevent him from thinking it is his and no one should be treading on it. Rebel doesn't seem too bothered. He hates daylight and spends most of his time hiding from the sun.

I have also been watching Women's Murder Club on . This is the most awesome site ever. It has every television show under the sun and then some. Actually, I'm going to head over that way now. I have my new sock to work on:

Off I go. Have a great night everyone. One more sleep till long week end!

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