Saturday, November 24, 2007

Scarf Knitting Ninja

I am not very good with words. If someone does something super nice for me, I am never sure how to verbally respond. I say "thank you". My mom raised me well. It does not seem like enough. To make me feel a little more comfortable in these situations, I do what I do best. I knit. Nothing too extreme. I like small projects, like hats, scarves and mitts. They do not require a lot of effort. The completed gift always looks good. The part I like best is to leave it somewhere I know they will find it, with nothing to indicate who it is from. That would be the ninja part. Eventually, they realize it is from me. I guess there are not too many knitters in their social circle. I get a huge kick out the entire thing. I love knitting for someone who has never received a knitted good. I don't think people who are not knitters fully understand the amount of work that goes into a project. I know they like it, but if they are not knitters or some sort of crafts person, it is really hard to appreciate the amount of effort involved.

I babble too much. Here is my next scarf:

This is the yarn I am using. It rocks. It was a little difficult at first to work with, but once I developed a rhythm, it was awesome!

It has these "thin" and "fat pieces". It almost reminds me of dreads. It is super soft.

This is the view of the "wrong side".

I love how it gathers so thick in some spots and then in others you can see the stitches.

This is the "right side" view.

Wrong side vs right side. It is the only way I can differentiate. I will make myself one and probably have the wrong side showing out.
Here are my co-designers:

This is why I have so many projects on the go. Rebel likes to lay on things I am working on. I let him lie there and find another project. When he finds a new spot to lie on, I go back to the project he was on and continue working. Underneath him at the moment, is my blanket. He must really like it. I haven't been able to get to it for three days. He's big cat. I let him lay where wants. I tried to move once. I threw out my back. And yes, I did bend with my knees. He is just a solid little guy.

I'm not sure what Napoleon is after. He goes through these days where he likes to talk and try and capture what he only sees. At least this time it is at a more agreeable time of day. Usually his little conversations start at 200 or 300 am. They also continue until for a few hours.
Since I have switched to the later hours at work, I am missing my afternoon shows. I have found my programs on the net, so that is where I am off to now. I'm going to do some catch up. Take care everyone. Have a great Saturday!