Thursday, April 23, 2009

At Least Our Teeth Are Clean

I call these shots, the calm before the storm. Actually, it was also the calm after the storm.

Rebel and Napoleon engaged in some aggressive play time that resulted in some fur flying, literally.

Maybe they sensed my tension and ergo the reaction. It will grow back. I hope.

I don't know about you kind folks, but I've been suffering from a headache all week. It finally got the better of me. I stayed home yesterday and today. I just stayed holed up in the dark with it as quiet as possible.
We went out this morning to drop Rebel off at the vet. He was due for a teeth cleaning. He was not impressed. First he didn't get to have his midnight snack. Then, he wasn't able to have his breakfast. Next he gets tossed into his carrier and taken out to the truck. Let me tell you, he was one cranky kitty.

I'm very glad to have him safe and home again. So is Napoleon. He has not left Rebel's side since he arrived home.

Rebel is still a bit stoned. I'm hoping that wears off soon. It's hard work looking after a stoned kitty. I think he believes he has super powers and is trying to walk through walls and furniture and me.

Since I've been home for a few days, I've been working on my socks. Here is what I have so far:

I like how the colours are opposite to each sock. It was not my intention, but I will totally claim that was the effect I was going for if anyone asks.

On a weird note, my leg is just awful. It hurts to bend. So I have been avoiding that as much as possible. As long as I don't move, everything is OK. This is not at all practical as you can well imagine. Husband has hooked me up with a tension bandage. It is making things much more tolerable now.

I think I've covered most of what happened. I'm off to watch a few more episodes of Being Erica. Good night everyone. The week end is almost here. Soon we can get to doing the things we go to work to acquire. Night :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Pick Me Up

We are scheduled to have quite a bit of rain this week. I am not looking forward to that as every time we have rain, people forget their driving skills at home. It takes me longer to get to my destinations. Not that I am complaining of the driving, just I prefer the actual movement of the vehicle.

I'm probably just being all negative because we were spoiled with such lovely weather over the week end. The temperature was around 20 degrees. Just enough to give us a taste of warmer weather to come.

As I was waiting patiently for the traffic in front to move so I could make my turn, I noticed something:

I had written on myself and it wasn't even 09:30 yet!

How impressive is that?

This got me to thinking that perhaps other people have not had their day start just the way they wanted it to. Perhaps you would like a little chuckle as well? I found this ages ago. It was a blurb on the opening screen of my Hotmail account. You know the ones I mean right? They show these "interesting" little stories that have taken place amongst the rich and famous. Anyways, this one caught my attention and I thought I would share it with all of you:

Elmo is not usually one of my favourite characters. After watching this bit however, I may rethink that idea.
Have a good night everyone. Hopefully the rain won't impede your plans for the week.