Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Adventure

We have managed to move into our new home this past week end. The cats are having a wonderful time trying to navigate around the furniture and boxes. Rebel has even managed to negotiate the stairs a few times. Napoleon is thrilled he can explore the basement while Tom is enjoying all sorts of new hiding spots to keep out of Napoleon`s reach.
We are all sleeping much better. It`s amazing how much more comfortable you can be when you don`t have to worry about neighbours or bad influences. The highlight for me has been the dish washer. It is amazing to come home from work and all I have to do is push a button.
I`m still a little lost because all my belongings are scattered throughout our home. I keep telling myself that it will all find their proper place in time. After all, it`s not like I have to hurry and have it all complete by a certain time. I just try to unpack at least one box and clean something very thoroughly a day. At least the PC and television are unpacked. I even have a few of my projects around me to pass some time.
As soon as I locate the camera I will be sure to take pictures to show you.