Saturday, February 9, 2008


I finally met one of my neighbours this week. I didn't introduce myself on purpose, it was situational. Thursday, was a mess. Since we had two days worth of snow, our parking lot was horrendous. The plowing company made a fake looking pass around the lot, but it was in no way clear. My little truck was unable to negotiate snow filled terrain.
Enter my neighbour.
He is an older gentleman who saw me struggling to free my beloved truck from resting place. I was rocking that bad boy back and forth as best as I could muster. He just would not be moved. I tried to put my indoor mats under the tires for a bit of traction. No go. My neighbour tried to shovel some of the snow away. Nope. It was odd. It looked to be just temperamental. There was no snow per se blocking the path, just a bit of ice.
Then it got scary. As I was rocking it, (drive, reverse, drive etc.), he decided to try and push the truck.
Not to sound ageist, but, he is a mature individual. I had this horrible image of him falling down and clutching his chest. On the news would be splashed: Good Samaritan, Falls to Death After Trying to Help Airhead Who Couldn't Drive.
Anyway, He freed me. I am very thankful and am thinking the least I can do is make him a manly looking scarf, or a toque, perhaps some glittens? I say manly because, I have not actually seen him wear any winter gear except for that day. He had on this odd looking brown toque. I can make one so much better. When hubby has time, I'm going to ask him for some guy ideas for a toque or some sort of accessories.
Glittens is my new word for the week. I had no idea I even owned some. It is the word given to those convertible mitts. I like this word. It takes up less space and is pretty much to the point. A mitten in marriage with a glove. I wonder who thought of that term?
I went to the local yarn shop and paid for my sock class. I am so psyched! The day I knew I was going to see her, (day being near-death experience Thursday), I had this goofy grin on my face from the minute I locked up the office until I walked through the door of the shop. I love that feeling. I get so excited by something so utterly cool, that I cannot help but smile. I love that. Makes me sound healthy.
I chose two yarns for the first and second sock lesson:

This is for the second set of socks:

I couldn't wait to get started. As soon as I had arrived at home, I rolled that skein into a ball and proceeded to start on my homework knitting the required swatch.

I knitted this little fellow on 2.5 needles. The task was to make eight stitches equal an inch. I did it!!

I love these colours. They kick some serious ass.

Last night hubby helped me dye my head a shade of cardinal red so it will be all fresh for our big night out tonight. I am leaving my apartment willingly, to hang out with people I am not too familiar with, that is what makes it a big night, (the work thing I was telling you all about the other day).
I am off to relax in front of some good old daytime tv and perhaps a movie or two. Hope you all have a great week end.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

More Snow?

At this moment in time, it is not actually snowing. It is more like raining down sheer ice. It is cool to watch though. I took this picture at 1600 hours:

This is what it is like now:

Do you see the difference? I sure as hell don't. The plow trucks have even been by at least every hour on the hour. They are more consistent with their time than my Timex.

This is the snow piled up against my window.

Did I mention I am on the fifth floor?
Just teasing you. It just blown against the window.
The snow is really the only thing going on at the moment.
I am off to bed. I have a long day of shovelling and winter driving ahead of me in the morning. I trust you are all well. Take care and be safe.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not a Heck of Alot

I'm not sure what to make of my day. My co-workers, who are normally quite catty, were very pleasant to me. I'm on edge now. Maybe they know something is in the works. Hmmmmm. Quite possible I am just paranoid. It is a state I'm familiar with.
I noticed today, that I am unsure of how to spell "toque". In case I am incorrect: warm wooly hat, usually knitted, worn on head in sub zero temperatures to keep the heat and brain activity under your skull. I am quite fond of these as I like to try and contain my brain activity.
I have decided to venture out of my apartment this week. On Thursday, I will be going to the local yarn shop to officially sign up for a sock class. I telephoned today to ask if she could kindly reserve a spot for me as my hours at work make it impossible to get there before she closes. I am very stoked. I only really know the basic sock pattern. There are no flares or pizazz. Just honest good lookin' socks. These socks of mine do bring me much happiness.
On Saturday, big night here, I am attending a work thing. A Valentine's dance to be more exact. Hubby and I will be dressing to the nines, (okay, the 7's). I don't want to over dress. I work with these people. I want to keep rumours to a minimum. I do like a little talk, but not enough to halt my work. I don't want to blend either. When I am feeling brave, I will snap some pics of us. I am very shy when it comes to taking my picture. I absolutely hate it. There are so few pics of me, many thought forever that hubby was single as there were no pics of this so-called wife. Rest assured, I do exist.
Still working on my socks and toque for my friend. I am on a slow and steady pace. I don't want to rush but enjoy every minute. I love knitting. It is something I do to keep my mind less buzzy. Hubby says he can hear me whirring. I hope that means I am a thinker.
I started playing Mario Galaxy tonight. I can see myself disappearing off the map for a while. This game is way too addictive. Maybe next time hubby can introduce me to crack. I think it would be less addictive. (Just kidding, please don't lesson me on the dangers of drugs. I promise to stick to booze and the usual assortment)
Nothing else really happening tonight. I trust you are all well. If you live in the GTA (around Toronto) be careful. Apparently, we are in for some weather.
Take care all. :)


Hmmm. It would appear that the week end has decided to abandon me. It was a very long day. Normally, I can stay pretty positive. Today was a challenge for that frame of mind. It was just so overwhelming. All these book offs at work, co-workers getting all spazzy, the weather. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
When I finally arrived at my lair, I settled down with my tea (non-alcoholic if you believe that), and some knitting. I am hoping that sometime in the very near future, I can meet up with a friend who I haven't seen since university. We re-united on facebook. That is one crazy place. All sorts of memories and past friends come out of the woodwork. It's pretty cool actually.
Anyway, she emailed and said she would be in the province in the next week or so. I am totally psyched. I am working on a toque to help say hi. When I meet someone who I have not seen since Jesus was a cowboy, I find that a little something helps breaks the ice.

This is what I am working on for her:

It's being created with Rowan twisted ribbon yarn. That is some very cool stuff. It knits up well on my number 6 circulars.

Rebel has been most inspirational:

This was going to be for a scarf of some sort. I can see its potential for a pillow. Besides, you've seen the size of him. I will not be arguing.
Hope all is well you fine folks and your Monday was not as stressful as mine. Take care everyone.