Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It Has Been a Great Day!

I always try to treat my day off as a mini vacation.
We start by exploring the estate to see if there are any new developments.
We were not disappointed.
The pumpkin may not grow any larger, but it is turning a lovely shade of orange.

The last of my Begonias seem to be hanging on.

I am so proud of these flowers. I started them from seeds in a pot. I never dreamed they would look so lovely and last such a long time.

My Butterfly plant actually attracted a Monarch.

I knew if I sat outside long enough, she would make an appearance.

At least I kept myself occupied.
I made some serious progress on my socks.

I love how Noro yarn stripes. It never ceases to amaze me how I start knitting with purple and end up going through and entire rainbow of colour that I would never have thought to join together.

Speaking of knitting projects....
Hub's slippers:

....and I completed my tunic sweater!

I used seven skeins of Malabrigo merino worsted, kettle dyed semi solid in Marine.

To attached the shoulder seams, I did a chain crochet pattern that I made up on the fly.

Looking at these photos new, I need to invest in a pair of leggings or something. The cargo pants are making the garment look quite lumpy.

Since Jackie and I were outside most of the morning, we decided to come indoors and bake some cookies.
Not just any cookies, Strawberry Cream Cheese Cookies. I found the recipe on Julie's Album.
The only alteration I made was to beat very ripe bananas with the butter and cream cheese.

They are amazing!!

Next little adventure is to head to Gramma's house.
Jackie was very disappointed that Gramma was not there to play.

What do you mean Gramma isn't here?!?

Hubs was telling me about how the chickens had processed tomato seeds. You see my mother in law feeds her chickens a mixture of chicken feed with table scraps. They are also free range birds in every sense of the word. They had managed to feast on the tomato plants. The seeds of the tomatoes worked their way through the chicken's bodies. Now mom in law has some very impressive tomato plants.

Even the leaves on these plants are out of this world.

They are thicker than photo paper and velvety to the touch.

I'm thinking, maybe chickens are in our future. We are allowed to have four in town.....

After quality time with the chickens, Jackie and I decided it was time to wander around and see what is to be seen.
We came across a covered bridge.

Jackie did not enjoy the idea of waiting for our turn to cross.

We also saw deer!

Since we had such a productive day, we are calling it a night and catching up on Project Runway.

Have a good day everyone!