Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Are You Doing Here?

It was a very long day today. I ended up staying late at work because an incident had come about. When these sort of things occur, I get the pleasure of staying until everything is tidied up. It is actually something I am very good at. Anyway, I was sitting at my desk, all by my lonesome, trying to finish what I was working on when I felt eyes on me. That is a weird feeling. I look around and cannot see anything out of sorts. I do not hear anything. Then finally I spot my new friend:

I'm not exactly sure what it is. It resembles a ladybug, but it does not have the colourings that I recognize more easily. If anyone can tell me what it is, I would love to know.

I was a little disappointed with the start of this month. As some of you, I enjoy being a part of a group on Ravelry called the Sock Knitter's Pentathlon. Every two months, a new pattern is released and we all try to finish it before time runs out. This month's pattern has been delayed. Many of us suspected something was not quite right because midway through the previous sock, there was not a release of the type of materials that would be required for the June edition. OK, not a problem. Perhaps they will release the information at the end of the wait period some of us thought. That was not to be the case. The moderator finally provided a bit of information as to why there would be a delay on the release. She was going through some personal episodes. Instead of June, the next pair will commence in July. Aw well. Some things are just beyond our control and we just have to grin and bare it. My friend had an awesome idea of doing our own sock knitalong while we wait for the release of the now July sock. Maybe some of you would like to join us? The pattern is called Boyfriend Socks created by a clever lady, Alice Bell. I showed the pattern to the Husband and he really liked the look of them. We decided over the week end to find the perfect yarn to create them.

We found this yarn:

at a place in Guelph called Greenwood Quiltery.

I really like this yarn with the exception of one thing:

Every so often, I come across a point that has been knotted. I understand that sometimes a skein/ball of yarn cannot go without seams. I just wish sometimes that perhaps we can place a warning on the label. Caution, this product of goodness might have knots. I have to remind myself to keep on eye on the skein/ball and stop knitting so I can undo the knot and re-join with the method I prefer.
There is another thing I am trying to adjust. I have to be mindful of my tension. This is quite a stretch creation. That was the appeal for Husband. He likes clothing to have a bit of give for comfort. This is a great exercise in trying to maintain my tension.

I am quite happy with the progress so far:

I am really starting to love cables. I liked them before but now, I think I finally understand the direction they take when you hold the needle in the front vs. back.

Early yesterday morning (07h15), we received a phone call. I must have slept through it, but Husband heard the phone and answered. My mom was on the other end. My parents are making their way towards us. They should be here by Saturday in time for the Farmer's Market. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I love them to death, but they make me a bit nervous. Mom sees everything. Including that little dust bunny that likes to hang out under the bed. The dust on the top of the lamp shade that is well above the eye level of most people, does not stand a chance. To compensate, we have been tidying up like crazy.

The cats are actually quite worn out from my nervousness.

It is almost like someone hit their off switch. I sort of like them like this. My yarn gets to stay in the same place and not worry about being dragged all over the apartment. I wonder how long it will last.
I am off to watch Hapers Island. I hope you all have a great night and we will chat soon.