Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Truck Cried This Morning :(

According to the weather station, it was -28 C where I live. That is a very scary number. On the positive side, it gives us Canadians something else to brag about. If you ever have the chance to chat with a Canuck, ask them about the weather. We wear it like a badge of honour. The colder it is, the more we beam. Except you can't tell because we have so many layers on over our beaming. When I went to start the truck this morning, it made this weird whining sound. Then sadly, I realized it was me. I don't like the extreme cold. It hurts to breathe. Whatever opening I had is firmly closed in a protective stance. At least the days seem to be getting longer. It is not pitch black when I pull into my parking spot after a long at work. Well look at me being Miss Pollyanna.

Lately, I have been trying to play Wii Fit. We are not really on speaking terms. I think it mocks me, and enjoys it. You enter in your personal information, height, age, etc etc. It will then rudely calculate your body mass index and then meanly create your Wii player to reflect the findings. My little character is quite round. I don't believe I have ever sworn at an inanimate object so aggressively before. I wonder if they Wii therapy? Sign me up for that one please and thank you.

When I finally arrived home tonight, I had a wonderful parcel waiting for me:

Another installment from my Travelling Scarf group. I love this mail. It is 150% better than the usual bills I normally find in my mail box. I am not quite sure what I will contribute to this scarf. I will sleep on it and have a plan tomorrow.
I have also made some serious progress on the little sweater for my niece.

Just one more sleeve and voila. I hope it fits.

We also had quite the adventure at chez nous. It would appear that Napoleon and Rebel have a creative side.
It is a bit difficult to see but, on the bottom you see a weird texture that continues onto the green. I am not 100% sure but, I suspect they may be the artists:

Not the human one, but the fuzzy ones.

Exhibit 3-4:

You will have to trust me that there was a lot more yellow than is shown here. It was everywhere. The tub; the dining table; the carpet; for some reason on my keyboard; and for the love of Pete, I have no idea how they managed to get it on the ceiling.

I have had enough excitement for this evening. I'm going to plot against the evil Wii trainer. Have a great day everyone. Tomorrow is Friday then it is the weekend, or as I like to call it, the mini holiday.