Sunday, May 24, 2015

Putting The Garden in Order

Yesterday was a bit windy, but otherwise a great day.
We decided it was time to put our plants and herbs in the containers.
I'm glad we waited because we suffered a severe frost warning the night before.
We planted a few tomatoes and a Thai Dragon pepper plant in the box to keep the spinach company.

I hope that spinach grows. I have plans!

I found most of the herbs that I use in my cooking.







Mint in its very own pot. It is quite a bossy little herb that likes to take over.

There is just something so satisfying about explaining you gathered those from your garden.
Now that we have the dehydrator, I can actually store these herbs for a while. I actually just finished using the remainder of last year's harvest in my roasted chicken a few Sundays ago.

I absolutely adore my patio to be surrounded by flowers. It provides a bit of privacy and colour.
Here are some of the flowers that will hopefully thrive.
I love how the pink and purple contrast with the blue of the container.

These little Johnny Jump Ups are my favourite because they remind me of Alice in Wonderland.

I was unsure the Begonias I started from seed would take, so I purchased a bright red one as an insurance.

The good news is I think they will make it. They just like to take their time. If you look carefully, they are there!

For a pop of colour along the fence, I purchased a Mandarin Lights Azalea bush.

After a long day of gardening, it was time to cause some mischief.

We also trimmed Napoleon's claws and he is not happy at all!

He has been giving me what for, for 12 hours now.
Eventually, he will calm down.
After all, breakfast is in 30 minutes.
Everyone settles down when the food hits the table.

I hope you all have a great week end!