Thursday, October 4, 2007

Is It Friday Yet?

It has been a very long week. I wonder if anyone else has had similar thoughts. From the work aspect of my life, I will be switching shifts. This is a very good thing for me. Currently, I am arriving at work at a very painful 600. (In the am!) This is early. It is very dark outside, not to mention cold. My new shift, which will hopefully begin soon, will commence at 930. In my little world, this means I will be sleeping in four hours! Can you imagine what sort of change this will bring about? I am very excited. I am the farthest thing from a morning person you could ever meet. Even when I was a child, I would still be wide awake when my father came home from the graveyard shift. This also means that I will be able to watch the television shows that I have really been missing. My bedtime is so early, that I miss all the CSI's and Law and Orders. I hope the characters have not changed too much. I hate that lost feeling.
This reminds me, have I told you what I do for a living? I don't think so. Well then, let me tell you. I dispatch for a school bus company. I love it. Every day is so different from the last. I am constantly moving. This is ideal for me, especially since I have the attention span of a fruit fly. Some days are very hectic. Especially when you have ten drivers booking off and no one available to help you cover those particular runs. I look at it as a puzzle. There are missing pieces I have to find in order to make the morning run smoothly with as little yelling as possible. Not me yelling, the parents yelling. They don't like it when the bus is not there on time to take their little darlings to school. They really don't like the answer of "That bus is unfortunately stuck in traffic, it will get there as soon as humanly possibly." Oh well. I cannot make everyone happy.

Would you like to see something cool?

Well then, let me show you:

It appears as a boring striped scarf. I don't do "boring".

I think this is a cooler shot:

I am still practicing with my camera.

I absolutely loved this scarf when I first saw it here:
I think you may have to copy and paste the link.

Oh! I also just finished a baby sweater. Check this out:

First, my attempt at blocking.

And ta da ......

A cute little crueller sweater!

That little blue splotch is actually a teddy bear head. I think I have a closer view......

I think someone needs to show me how to use that flash option.
Well, I guess that is enough of me jabbering for today. I hope you all have a good night. Take care.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I'm fairly new to this blog thing, so bare with me please. I thought I would start small. Perhaps I should tell you a little about myself. First off, my name is Jocelynn and I am pleased to meet your acquaintance. I am a married lady. Our anniversary will be this month in just a few short weeks.

This is me with my husband. I'm the girl by they way. We were en route to a wedding. I made the scarf I am wearing. Let me try and find a pic with a closer view.

This my cat Rebel. He is always close at hand when yarn is about. He makes an interesting craft partner. It is too bad my photo taking abilities have not yet improved. There is really a lot of detail to this lacey scarf. I tried to make a bit more glittery by sewing in some crystal beads. I found the pattern the magazine Knitting, December, January issue 2003.

We do not have any children. Our moms are not thrilled about that, but they are cool enough to let us be provide no pressure for grandchildren. (At least they try not to pressure us). We do however have cats. These are who we refer to as our furry children. Our mothers call them their "grand-cats". Hey! It works for me. The idea of children scare me at this point. I see how our friends are living at the moment with these little bundles. They do love their children very much. The thing I notice for the most part, is their restrictions. Our friends are not able to just drop whatever and go. There is all this planning involved: sitters, emergency phone numbers, lists and lists and lists or who knows what exactly. It all makes my head spin. For our time being, my husband and I have reserved the right to not have children. Besides, I like being the center of attention. So for all you animal lovers, here are some pics of our "children":

This little fellow is Napoleon. He is also the reason why we no longer have fish. We named him such a name because when we first introduced to him Rebel, his primary reaction was to jump on Rebel's head. Rebel was not amused. The two of them are now very close. It is really cute how they look for one another.

This is Rebel, who you have already met. Just to give you an idea of his size, hubby is 6'2. Rebel is not at his full height. We make sure he well fed. We don't want him nibbling on us in our sleep. Just kidding.

I just really like this picture. It is not often the two of them are this quiet together. You also get a good idea of the size difference.

What else can I tell you about myself? I am an aging mall rat. I love to shop. I love colours, textures, shapes, everything really. I can go into sensory overload if I'm careful. the hubster would like me to find a new shopping buddy. Apparently I need girlfriends. My reasoning is that since I am out with him for the most part, then he would let me know if whatever I try looks good. I believe that seems reasonable. I have a massive shoe collection. They range from mainly high heels and chuck taylor converse sneakers. I love those shoes. I actually collect them. I love how they come in so many different styles now. It is just plain amazing!!
As I may have mentioned in my little blurb about me, I love to paint and knit. I am known to be working on several projects at once. The problem, is I have the attention span of a fruit-fly. I need to be entertained quite often by things that are a bit different or unique to me. From time to time, I would love to share with you all my projects. I can show you a painting I'm currently working on. It is far from finished so bare with me.

This is like a primary draft for me. I just try to experiment with the colours I think I want to use. Then next I try to build up my shadows and highlights a little at a time.

This is what little progress I have made over two weeks. We had a lot of rain recently. The light in my apartment is not all that great. I need true sunshine to help me. I am a bit colourblind and the more light the better for me. I hope to make serious progress over the next month. I need it to be completed for a friend before mid-December. I will remember to take a picture for you all to see.

I guess I have rambled on long enough now. I have enjoyed this so far. If someone can tell me please how to better line up the pictures so the words line up alongside or look better, kindly let me know.
I will wish you all a good night. I am off to do another of my hobbies, television. hehe.
Okay all, take care and sweet dreams.