Thursday, May 23, 2019

It's May

The month of May is usually met with high hopes and expectations in our Northern Hemisphere.
I notice the days getting longer. The wind not so bitter.
The biggest decision I need to make is whether to bring a coat.
This year the warmer weather was a little later.
I know this because of last year's sketching journals I had kept.
At the end of April last year, my tulips were already visiting and the weather was somewhere between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius.

My tulips had finally paid me a visit the beginning of this week. As usual, they never fail to disappoint.

There are still quite a few that have not shown their colours. Each year it is always a surprise when something pops up. I never remember where I planted what.
I will be honest, I am not much of a gardener. I have to google everything with regards to when to plant things, how often to water, what sort of light my little friends require, the list goes on.
I am however always amazed at the way things grow.

When you were young, did you ever have to do that project where you placed a seed, in my case a bean seed, in a jar with dark construction paper?
The details are a little fuzzy but from what I can remember, we had a mason jar. We lined it with black construction paper.
We place the seed between the glass and the paper.
I remember adding soil and we must have watered it though I cannot recall that detail.
After a while, we would be witness to the mysteries of growth.
A root would develop and then the stalk.
That was such a cool experiment. I wonder if they still do that in schools?

Anyways, I still have that same awe when I something I plant grows into these most wondrous creations.
I think my feelings were contagions this year.
Every year I watch my husband battle the back southern corner on our property.
It is a dark place, filled with trees and mud conditions.
Grass is quite stubborn and refused to grow there.
This year I suggested, let's do something a little different.
We went to one of the many nurseries in our area just to look around and get some ideas.
A lovely lady came upon us and asked if she could help.
We explained our backyard and this woman just lit up!
It brings me so much pleasure to see people with as much passion as this lady was with her plants.
She was positively overflowing with ideas.
She carried us right along with her.
Now we have a game plan!
It is the long game but, it will be so worth it!
This is where we are now:

We can always add more and later on we will add some decorative features. I am on the look out for something special. Something with character that no one else has seen before. Feel free to send me idea on the types of garden statues and objects that you feel might be over the top. There is no such thing as over the top over here! I am looking for weird and exciting! I love fairies and witches and all sorts of fantastical beasts.

Jackie and I have been enjoying the outdoors as much as the rain will permit.

We both enjoying being outside as much as possible especially after experiencing such long and bitter winters. We try and go for walks as often as my schedule allows. That way we can see and hear all sorts of interesting things. I love seeing what other homes do with their yards and how they decorate their houses. We also see different species of birds that do always visit or property. It is rather neat how just one street away can be another Eco-system.

This past long week-end, Hubs and I set out to buy goat cheese from a local producer. We were surprised when they were holding an open house! That is just too perfect for someone who is always looking for something to draw and/or paint. They gave us permission to take as many photos as we wanted.

This fellow named Ollie, stole our hearts with his toothy grin!

There were also chickens and pigs. No photos of those fellows. They were surprisingly nimble.

Of course I have been drawing, painting and knitting up a storm.
Unfortunately, no photos of my progress because I never think to stop and take pictures until after the fact.

I have added a few more prints to my etsy shop, Simple Art. I am rather proud of my Mr. Gold painting!

I'm also on twitter as @Jocelyn13 and on Instagram as @jocelynnkershaw. I also have a facebook page, Simple Art.
Feel free to follow me! I am always looking to make new friends!
Hope you are well and we will chat again!