Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Better Behaved

I am being better behaved today and not engaging on any bizarre, angry, useless conversations on the internet.
Instead, I made myself useful.

I made cinnamon rolls:

Note that fuzzy blur. That would be my best buddy!

Finished my Christmas card for this year:

It is a watercolour based on an image I saw online the other day.

Picked up squishy mail:

Nice online sales the other week.

Looked in on my lemon tree:

I did a lot of knitting, but I cannot share those pictures, as some of the items are to be gifted.

Today is going to be a veggie kind of day. Nothing but t.v., knitting, visits outsides and relaxing.
Have a good day everyone.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Too Dramatic

My Facebook feed is still filled with a lot of hate and confusion. No one is really willing to listen to reason at this point. This are very scary times for so many people. From personal experience, people need to rewire their memories in order to make sense of events. Very clearly, on record even, people will tell bald face lies. There is evidence of it. People need to take those lies and spin them so that they are no longer lies and in fact just thoughts that were not really expressed out loud. I am having a very difficult time trying to explain my self this morning. My apologies.
I'll try again.
Some people lie all the time. It's like they cannot even help themselves. Do they even know they are lying? Psychologist call these sort of people, compulsive or psychopathic liars. There is actually an official name for these people. We all at some point accept these lies. It is easier. They might give us comfort or just simply we can no longer argue and try to get these people to see the falsity in what they say.
These seemingly random thoughts of mine have been sparked by sort of a debate on that previous mentioned social site. There was a person who claimed quite fervently that everything their newly elected leader said, were simply opinions. He did not lie at all. I was shocked by that statement. Did that person not watch the same debates as I? Did that person just not understand what the terms racism and sexual assault actually mean? I provided actual quotes the elected official actually said. Words that came out of his mouth on various programs, news and talk. Nope. Those are just opinions. At the end of it all, forget it. I had to walk away for my own sanity. You cannot argue with people who will not see the truth. Actual truth. Not just media spinning words into plausible explanations.
People need to believe in these lies because the truth can be a dark and scary entity. I'm very curious to see what next year brings.