Thursday, September 13, 2018

Is It Already That Time?

I always browse through the news with my coffee before I begin my day whether it be morning on my day off or night before I start work.
I do not always understand what is happening but, I try to be somewhat informed. Usually I end up with a greater appreciation of where I live.
This morning I see they are experiencing snow flurries in Calgary.
We are still in the midst of summer. It will be around 25 to 29 degrees Celsius this week.
School has been in full swing since the end of August. It had taken me about that long to get back into my routine.
I have two different routines. One for days off and one for work days.
Today is my day off.
I wake up a little more slowly. Enjoy my coffee more and stay in my pajamas a little longer.
Then we (Jackie and I) figure out what to eat to tie us over until Lunch.
We run a little on the elliptical machine. Well, I run she lies on the bed looking at me like I'm crazy for doing all this movement and not actually go anywhere.
Then we shower up and make ourselves more presentable for the public. Jackie does not have much prep work. She is just adorable no matter what she does.

We go for a walk. Usually just around town. That way we check out the mail. It does not get delivered to our house. We need to go to the post office. Although we do get packages delivered, like my comics!
If we do not feel like staying in town, we venture out to new areas!
This was from our most recent adventure in Farnham.

When we are not out and about exploring, there are lots of things to do around our home.
We like to sit outside and wait for nature to come to us!

Sometimes while we sit outside we knit, draw, paint or read. I try to get out there as much as I can now while the weather is more co-operative. In Canada, winter is usually just around the corner as Calgary has pointed out to me this morning.
On my needles are a pair of socks called

Most of my drawings and paintings are quick little sketches in my journal.

According to Jackie and Mr. Monkey, I have been sitting here long enough. Time to move.

Talk with you later!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Beautiful Days

My vacation is quickly coming to an end.
It was a wonderful two weeks.
I managed to turn 40! I received a wonderful T-shirt to commemorate the occasion.
If you are offended by cursing, you might to scroll past the next photo.

My parents visited with us for a week. It was a very low key affair.
Lots of good food and drinks. Just a very relaxing, barely moving sort of visit.
Something I believe we all needed.

We also enjoyed a lot of the outside.
Who knew there were so many different types of insects roaming around out there?
I had no idea!
If you are squeamish about bugs, you might want to scroll past.

Do remember those mysterious pod like plants from last post?
I finally found out what they are called!
Sicilian Honey Garlic!

I found a wonderful link that helps explain this plant. Louis the Plant Geek.

Lots of wonderful plant life happening all around us.

There have been feathery and furry visitors as well.

I have also been knitting a little bit.
I am working on a pair of socks.
I have misplaced my yarn label but, I remember the colourway is called Beach Towel. The pattern is called, Scatterby Socks. The pattern asks you to select either the fish lips kiss heel or you can choose your own.

Since the sun is starting to show, I am going to find something to munch on and enjoy the rest of my remaining day of vacation.
See you later!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

More of This and Some of That

The days were growing warmer.
Were is the key word that sentence.
The last week has been a little chilly.
It does not stop Jackie and I from exploring.
We have taken lots of wonderful walks.
Her favourite path is around the nature trail in town.
There is always something new and exciting on this path.

My little garden is going well. Lots of greenery at the moment with pops of colour and another round of mystery flowers.

Does anyone know what these are?
As it grows,it reminds me a bit of a Lily. Then the outer-covering breaks away and tiny white buds are noticeable.

I do not remember planting these mysterious flowers.

I did however try something new in the garden.
I am starting sunflowers off from seeds.

So far, so good. The little sprouts are quite strong.

Looking closely, I found they have a neighbour.

The little fellow was difficult to spot, at first. Then the ground moved and there he was! He likes to sleep in this little hole during the day. By the time evening comes around, Mr. Toad is off and exploring on his own.

I learned my lesson last summer when I planted and lost quite a few tomato plants. This season, I have kept a few plants in containers mixed with some herbs.

They are doing quite well!

I'm off to do a bit more outside before the rain returns.
I hope you are all well! :)