Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Good Morning

I hope you are all well!
We visited my parents in Ontario for the holidays and had a wonderful time.
A very stress free, come as you are, just enjoying the company.
Gifts and jokes were exchanged.
A lesson to Grandma and Grandpa in texting was preformed.

I'm not sure how much of the lesson will be retained, but everyone enjoyed the experience.

When we returned home we were relieved to see that Rebel had indeed survived the holidays. He is eating a little more. Still have trouble remembering what he is doing from one minute to the next. But, he really enjoys playing with the decorations on the Christmas tree.
Napoleon proceeded to get in my face and give me hell for disappearing for a few days.

We were very lucky to have a loving furchild babysitter. Jo's mom is awesome to the fuzzy children. Spoils them and makes sure everything is good before she makes her way back to her own home and fuzzy children.

Mom loved her Bird Mittens

I finished my Cthulhu Mittens, but unfortunately ran out of the blue. The thumbs were completed in black.

On Ravelry, there is this thing called The Great Sockening. It is just fun to say the words to be honest. A group of knitters dedicating this year to be The Year of the Sock! What fun. So many different patterns and techniques, I had to get on board with this event. I love knitting socks. They travel well and never leave me feeling bored no matter how simple the pattern.
To start off my year, I cast on Aquaphobia Socks

I am knitting two at a time in Loops & Threads Luxury Sock yarn, colour Canyon.

I also did a little painting.

It is watercolour based on a photo we took during the fall at my Mom's house. I titled it Feeding Time.

My day is moving forward rather quickly.
My fuzzy children are relaxing in various parts of the house.

Time to shower, eat and start the day.
Have a good one everyone!