Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Canada's Day

To all my fellow Canucks,
Happy Canada's Day

Something Never Seen Before....

It had to be captured on film for prosperity sakes:

Apparently, he does sleep!

And while the cat is asleep........
Well, the other one will actually play:

Look Hampton!

Something shiny is in here.

Here, you try.

While all this activity was going on, I managed to work a piece on my Boyfriend socks.

In another little while, I will have one, one knitted sock. Muahahahaha (Picture The Count if you will please. It will be a bit more amusing.)

I'm off to bed. These early mornings are seriously getting to me. Scary still, it's only been one morning so far :( It's going to be a long summer. No fear. Holidays are just around the corner!
Good night everyone.