Wednesday, July 23, 2014

There Goes Another Year!

Time goes by so quickly.
This past week end, I celebrated another birthday.
It was a little different this year.
We were a few more in number.
Nothing fancy.
Just some regular home cooking, music, booze and a lot of fun.
So much fun in fact, a few people who are normally quite introverted decided to get down with their bad selves.
I had to have a video to remember this moment.

I know have quoted this before, but, "this is not the woman who raised me".
When I was growing up, I would listen to all sorts of music. My favourites were always the really loud tunes.
My mom without even a few bars passing by, would demand "we turn off that racket".
I like this version of my mom a lot better.
A little more easy going and not so ready to say no without hearing the rest of question.

I received quite are few interesting presents.
This is my favourite:

I have the perfect location for this bird house.
It just needs the base to be completed and then it will be installed!

I also received this giant tea cup planter.
I'm using to hold yarn!

You see that brown coloured yarn in the front?
That is the coolest thing.
I purchased it from Moose Manor Hand Painted Yarns.
It actually changes colour under different light sources.

The one I purchased looks brown under fluorescent light, then a more greeny look under natural, outdoor lighting.
My photos are not doing the yarn any justice.
Betty, the designer, has all sorts of interesting yarns over there in her neck of the woods.

I hope you are all well. I'm off to recover from all the festivities.
Night everyone!