Friday, March 20, 2015


According to Time and, March Equinox will arrive tonight at 18h45.
This is exciting.
Except for one detail.
Did someone tell Mother Nature?
Is she still traipsing around the world on holidays?

It reminds of the film Dogma, where God has a thing for Skee-ball.

I've been busy test knitting a pattern for someone that I am really enjoying.
The artist has incorporated the Fish Lips Kiss heel by the Sox Therapist.
This really is an interesting way to look at how the heels of socks are constructed. The instructions were also simple to understand.
I wish I could show more of the project but I am pretty sure the designer would not be happy.

When I go on these knitting binges, I always have company.

Napoleon takes his supervisory role very seriously.

What is this on your computer? This does not look instructional!

Reno and Jackie fell asleep playing a rather breath taking game of hide and seek.

I'd move, but someone's nails are stuck in my fur.

Rebel is almost 20 now, just likes to chill and watch from a distance.

It is hard working babysitting these sharp toothed children.

I am off to finish my project and watch the last few remaining episodes of How to Get Away with Murder.
Have a good day everyone.
Happy Spring Equinox!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Belated Pi Day

To celebrate such a coincidental occasion, I made pie with the last of the berries we picked during the summer.
This one is all strawberry with my rendition of stars, planets and a moon:

This is a blueberry, strawberry mix that we devoured that night:

I cheated with the pie crust and bought it previously made. The pie crust I make does not come out as a crust so much as a means to protect from shell fire and rapid animals.

I've also been knitting a fair bit.
I volunteered to test a pair of socks which I am thoroughly enjoying.
I'll show the back,

I've also made some progress on my sweater:

Not too shabby for a week end eh?

I hope you all have a good start to this week. Temperatures are bound to get a bit higher. We might even see some of that elusive grass that has been MIA since Halloween.

Have a good day!