Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bad Juju

We had another break-in at our yard. Can you believe that? Is there nothing else these kids (I assume) can do except make my work life long and dreary? As you can well imagine, I had some steam to blow off. I invested my efforts into another doll. The pattern for this one came from the anti-craft website. I love this site. They go away from the beaten path.
Here is Juju:

Hubby also came to the rescue with Margaritas:

Rebel is not sure of Juju.

Those are hubby's manly hands, not mine.

Rebel will just admire from afar:

Rebel is looking a little demonic there isn't he? I had the red-eye remover on. I don't think it applies to cats. They are in a world of their own anyway. If Constantine has taught me anything, they are half in and half out.
I'm not on call this week end. This means, we can go see a movie. I am hoping to watch Hellboy. I loved those comics. The first movie was excellent. I hope the second is just as good.
I am also still working on half a dozen socks and my step-father's sweater vest. I have the back panel complete and am now working on the front panels. I will post pics as soon as I replace the batteries in my camera.
Hope you all are well. TGIF :D