Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Oh! It's Winter Again!

Happy Belated New Year!
I hope you are all happy and enjoyed the festivities!
We all had a rather nice time.
We decompressed.
Ate probably too much.
Drank a bit.
Enjoyed everyone's company.

We spent New Year's at my parents' house.
There was just a dusting of snow but it was enough to make the toboggan careen down the hills.
The tree survived, no thanks to Reno who did his best to become a live action ornament.

Then Reno and Napoleon set up a location to wait for Santa.

When the big man did arrive, he spoiled everyone.

There was a ball attached to this toy at one point.

I received a bird house that Jo made from an actual bit of a tree.

I cannot wait until we can place it outside!

My other present was the family making Christmas breakfast!

Anytime someone else is cooking, I am happy.

I have also been crafty during our downtime.
I completed a toque for Little Man's employer for who he dog sits.

Jo is happily modelling for me.

I do not know whether I will work out the pattern details or just try another version.
I'll see what next week brings.

I have been cross stitching quite a bit lately while watching Orange is the New Black

Ok. I see what the big deal is now. I have really been enjoying this show.

At Mom's there are always a lot of feathery and fuzzy creatures to enjoy. It makes up for the temperature in the house as being the sameas on the sun. How can you sweat watching t.v.?

All joking aside, it was a lovely visit. There were no weird conversations or subtle put downs. No comments on how I cook or clean. Just a lot of heat and weather network.

We were all pretty tired on the drive home.

I am going to go and continue binge watching Orange is the New Black.
I hope you are all well and recovered from the holidays!