Tuesday, July 24, 2012

They Came,

They Saw, They Left.
That pretty much sums up the visit with my parents.
I am not even sure if they liked the house.
Well, I think my Mom did.
She loved the garden, or rather the potential for the garden back there.
All my Dad kept saying was, There is mold in here. You need a De-humidifier! At theater sound level.
He entered the house.
Which was a lot.
I'm ok with this. It is what he does.
I mentioned to my Mom that as soon as Hubs finishes the demo and reno, we will be painting. Her eyes lit up with possibilities, saying colours I did not even know existed. This is where I get my artsy fartsy side.
I cooked dinner while they were here.
This is the first time they never complained. They ate the meal. Said it was good. Even smiled.
Who are these people?
Where are those garden gnomes that are my parents?
I was just pleased they ate what I prepared. This is a new thing for me. The no complaints from the parental unit. I enjoyed it.
Still do not like that actually cooking thing though. There is too much work involved for a 15 minute devouring session.
I even cooked my birthday dinner. I didn't really know it was my birthday dinner.
I just started the prep work and next thing I know all these people are at my dining table. I was good with this. Someone brought cake!!!
I think I am going lose power again. We have a vicious storm yesterday. The high winds brought down a tree that is (was) toward the back of the property. So I will say, have a great day!