Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I had a bunch of things I wanted to talk about this week, but it is not going to happen. At least not this week.

Reno suffered his third urinary infection in as many months.
We had to make a decision and it killed us both a little inside.
At our last veterinary appointment which into major surgery, we were told that his little heart was getting incredible weaker and the next time, he will not be so lucky.
Seeing him in pain, is something I would not wish on anyone.
Reno's final day was yesterday.
He was an incredible cat.
Reno was special because it was like he came with the house, on that faithful day when Jo was renovating the garage and spied that tiny fuzzy bundle in the corner.
He came a long way and it was a miracle he lived as long has he had.
We are grateful that he chose us for his family.
Ever present in whatever tasks we were preforming whether it was artistic, culinary or involving heavy equipment.
Thank you Reno.