Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

We have just come back from a very well rested, stress-free mini holiday. I had a wonderful time and I would suggest this destination to anyone who needs to get away for a bit.
I always find it difficult to pack for mini getaways. Do I need a dressier outfit? Will I be doing outdoorsy stuff? I wonder what the dress code is for dinner? Lots of questions. It's a good thing I had my travel coordinators on hand to assist:

The thing I enjoy most about driving north, is the total change in environment. It even smells different. I can't quite explain. As soon as you hit a certain point on the highway, you know you are northward bound. There is so much to see on the way up there.

We were a bit concerned about the weather.

As soon as we arrived in Bracebridge, our fears were gone.

This is where we stayed:

It was so cool. It's a side street with a lot of little houses. At the end is a more "hotel" looking building.

We stayed here, at The Gate House:

It was beautiful inside. Not at all what I was expecting:

There were a lot of wonderful restaurants to enjoy. We had breakfast here:

And this was our dinner:
I had linguine with prawns and scallops,

Husband had swordfish with crab cakes.

I loved the ambiance:

There were lots of things to explore in town:

This is just something I found terribly amusing.

We now know where Tony's target audience resides.

I am sure there is so much I could tell you, unfortunately, I cannot think of another thing for the moment. I hope you are all enjoying the week and I will check back soon. :D