Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something in Progress

Sexy Gargoyle

Why must we continue this ceaseless waiting? I grow wearier every night by these bullocks.
We are not waiting silly little man. We are watching, as we were instructed to do.

Her long violet painted nails tucked a loose strand of black hair under her hood. She had dressed for the weather. It had been snowing all day and with the sun down, it grew increasingly cold. Her companion was nervous. Waiting, as he put it, always made him nervous. He had this theory that waiting was nothing. If you were nothing, you were as good as dead.
They had traveled by the speed of light to this strange region. The counsel instructed them to watch and wait for their say on the next step. It was always this way. She was only given one command at a time. It could be hours or years before the next notice. She was actually hoping for years. She liked this strange place. It was filled with danger, misery, and happiness. So strange were the customs of this land. Women were as unique as stars. All shapes, sizes and costumes. She actually blended in this region, and easily at that. Her companion however, not so much. He stood at mere four feet. His fiery mane and beard made him stick out in a crowd like an albino in the night. He was her best friend and the only one in all the lands who knew who she was and her purpose. She did not even know her purpose or origins. He never questioned her actions. He followed orders, even if he did not like them and always voiced his thoughts whether crude or civil. She wouldn’t have it any other way. He was the only one she trusted. She did not even trust the counsel. They did not have any aura about them. That was normally a bad sign. She was told that it was not a problem as they were not living. Only the living could cast auras. Until she could prove her theory, she took that one as it was…..for the time being.

We should do something. We should attend one of those revelries that I hear so often. Look at those humans down there in that line. Does that not look like fun to you?

No not really.

The only difference between what they are doing and us is that they are laughing. We are merely guarding. Let us think of it as learning about our environment.

They are only faking. Those creatures down there are only playing a game of which no one knows the rules.

That sounds familiar.

On second thought, that does sound appealing.

This sounds like a victory to my ears. C’mon.

With that, the little man jumped the 20 stories to the concrete below to join in the festivities of the youth he saw from above.

The raven haired creature let out a sigh and contemplated her options.
I can wait here until the sun shines.
I can join the freak and learn about humans.
I can wait until I get a communication from the law officials to collect a drunken dwarf.
Hmmm. Party on.

She made her way down the fire escape of the abandoned building that they were using as a form of residence. It was the perfect dwelling. No one knew it was being habited. The dreary outside was the complete opposite to what they referred to inside as home. It gave her cause to smile as she made her way down to the ground level. She was not in such a hurry to plummet to the concrete as her companion.

When she reached the bottom, she saw him enter the dwelling with a tall blonde on one arm and a brunette on the other. Such a ladies man, she thought and grinned.

She approached the tall figure guarding the door.
He studied her closely then removed the rope barrier that was holding back the throng.

No wonder this planet needs guarding from my kind if all it takes is a smile to get past their trained officials.

It took her eyes moments to adjust the darkness.

Now where is that troublesome dwarf, she questioned.

She did not have to search long. In the midst of a large crowd came his oh too familiar voice shouting out the words to the song that was heard overhead. How he had managed to know the lyrics to something he just hear, was beyond her scope. Knowing his whereabouts made it easier for her to relax and study her surroundings. The light was very poor. There were all sorts of bodies gyrating to the beat of the music that the main control funneled through the speakers overheard. It was quite amazing that the noise could not be heard from outside. The general age of the group appeared to be approximately twenty-five. All of which were trying very hard to be mysterious with war paint and shiny dark outfits. There were various metal objects protruding out of their bodies. All appeared to be somewhat inebriated on one sort of substance or other. At the north end of the establishment was a bar, the source for the majority of their drunkenness. The aura’s surrounding many of the youth told the lady that many were chemically induced by a vile concoction. This is a common occurrence amongst all planets I reckon.

As Lady looked around, she could see males and females exchanging DNA in various forms. All appeared to be enjoying themselves. Appearances can be rather deceiving. The majority of the humans all had the same light shining underneath their drunkenness. They all were looking for a common element. Apparently, humans require constant companionship.

I will take what is on tap please sir.

At her request the man stationed at the bar, cleaned out a glass and with a smile handed her a foaming substance.

I’ll take care of that.

She turned to the voice. It belonged to a red haired smiling female. She had very white teeth framed by black lips.

That is quite unnecessary.

It is, but it gives me pleasure to do so.
My name is Mike. And you are…….

Mike sounds strangely masculine. Perhaps your dress has misled my senses?

No hun. I’m 100% female, with masculine tendencies if you know what I mean?

I am not terribly sure. You mean hunter as opposed to gatherer?

Mike let out a very loud guffaw.

Perhaps you do know more that you let on. I like you. Come with me.

With that, Mike turned on her spiked silver heels and began moving to a staircase.
Examining Mike more closely, she wore a similar outfit to that of Lady. Interesting, she thought. Why not, thought Lady. Lady proceeded to follow Mike up the stairs.

This is where the VIP’s hang out, Mike explained. From this view, we can see all who enter the club and decide who is worth our time.

Who does “our” encompass?

Who? Why, myself and all of my associates. We are many. I have watchers located in most of the recesses of this miserable little planet. For example, we have been watching you perched like a sexy gargoyle on our neighbour’s roof for the past week.

Hmmmm. That sounds similar to a collection of people I already know.

My, my, how interesting, laughed Mike. So tell me my new pet, what is the name you go by?

I do not “go” by any name.

That is unacceptable. We must call you by some name. Perhaps I may choose one for you?

That is not necessary pretty lady. Laughed the dwarf.

So the Dwarf can negotiate stairs, thought Lady.

I call her Lady. It suits her. And you should show her some respect you common harlot. Has the woman harmed you in any way Lady?

No need to be testy little man. I was merely playing, cooed Mike. Such an interesting little fellow. You amuse me. I should like to keep you.

I am quite well my friend. Mike has been explaining to me how far her reach travels.

Uh huh. I bet. I don’t like that reach traveling far. The sun is on the way Lady. We should make our way homeward.

Home? Now? Are you vampires? You should stay here, with us. Enjoy our hospitality a little longer.

Thank you kindly Mike. Perhaps another time. My companion is correct. We must take our leave. I bid you a good morn.

Lady and her companion descended down the stairs and made her way out into the dawn amongst the other club dwellers.

This was indeed an interesting experience. We should really try that again sometime.

A ho! Perhaps Lady enjoys female companionship?

Hardly. I enjoyed the events. Don’t fill your mind with such rubbish.

Do not tell me with what to fill my mind. How else will I abide my time on this planet?

Mike did say one interesting bit of information. She too has a council which is far reaching. I wonder if that is a mere coincidence?

Not likely. Things as we know, happen for a reason. She is one not be trusted. I never trust beautiful people, with the exception of you my dear. That is why I am so trustworthy. I have the face only a mother would love.

It was not a wasted night at any rate. These earthlings are curious creatures.

With that Lady went into her enclosure and closed the door behind her to contemplate the night’s events. Lady glanced down to the street below before drawing closed the heavy velvet curtains. She removed her cloak and boots and place them on her arm chair. Lady entered the en suit bathroom and drew water from the faucet. As much as she enjoyed her journey to ground level, it left an uncomfortable residue on her body. That is one of the things Lady disliked about humans. They always leave their scent on objects. It left the Lady feeling unclean. After washing, she returned to her bedroom. After the blankets were carefully arranged around her figure, she quickly fell to sleep.

Our dwarven friend however was completely agitated. He did not like the draw that Mike character had on his friend. Lady might have existed for a longer time than most creatures, but she was not aware of all their traits and reasoning. Her curiousity might get the better of her. That was why the council elected him to accompany Lady on her travels. He was able to quickly discern those to be trusted. That Mike will leave me with nightmares. He tossed and turned until his eyes finally decided it was time to sleep.

Spring is Very Close

Spring will arrive in just a matter of days. Where this Canuck lives, the temperature has been slightly warmer. Notice the insertion of the word slightly. We are still for the most part, in single digits. I am still wearing my winter coat. Lately as I travel to and from work, I'm seeing all sorts of spring clothing styles. There was a young lady wearing a very cool pants. They reminded me of the plaid stretchy pants Gwen Stefani wore in her No Doubt video for Spiderwebs:

Unfortunately the pants were overshadowed by the very red colouring of her exposed arms because she was sporting a bustier tank top. No jacket. I was cold looking at her. I think I just channeled my Mother. Put on some clothes! I'm getting cold just looking at you!!
That song is from their Tragic Kingdom album released in 1995. Do you remember what you were doing in /95? I was still in high school. I drove a green Neon, much to fast I might add....I had a lot of fun trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted to be when I grow up. Now I'm 32 and at times still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Ha.
I am going to enjoy my Saturday. There is an episode of America's Next Top Model I will watch while drinking my very strong coffee and working on my Hitchhiker scarf. The fuzzy demons distracted me while I was counting the scoops of coffee to be added to the machine. I think I said the number two twice. o_O Well that coffee should keep me going for a while. Enjoy your week end. I hope it is sunny and bright where you all are. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Brain... hurts...
This Daylight Savings thing kills me each year. It does not bode well with my vampire hours. As a bonus I am on holiday hours for work. So not only do I get the opportunity of being robbed of an hour, I get to go into work an hour and a half earlier. yea me...

This morning I realized my Mom is slightly twisted. She knows how well I wake up in the morning. When I answered the telephone, she was giggling on the other end.
Mom - Did you set your clocks ahead an hour?
Me - inaudible mumbling. Yep.
Mom- I just called to remind you. evil giggle
Me - It's ok. I did that before I went to bed this morning.
That is about all I could contribute to the conversation at 09h00/10h00
I think my fuzzy demon children are in cahoots with my Mom. They woke up unusually early as well, 07h00/08h00.
Hmmmmm. I suspect conspiracy.
Oh well. Maybe by this time next week I will have adjusted to the time change.

To celebrate Daylight Savings Time, I played my Dark Cloud 2 game for PS2, completed my socks:

Started Hitchhiker Scarf:

and stayed in my PJ's for the most part. I also finished watching the series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Excellent series.

Hope your Mondays work out for you all. I'm going to try my best and calm down so I can attempt to go to bed early. No. I don't see that working out either. Happy Daylight Savings everyone.