Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Spring has finally arrived!
I think?
I am afraid to get my hopes up in case Mother Nature decides to take another holiday and leave the seasonal temperatures to her underlings.
Even Napoleon is excited.

He has literally been bouncing up and down since I opened up the patio doors this morning.

I have also been keeping tabs on our feathery neighbours.

This little one is quite difficult to photograph.
Just as you get the zoom just perfect.....poof....gone.
I did see him/her? (I respect that sort of privacy) carrying in a few insects.
Good to know that little house is not just a storage locker.

Our baby Robins are also developing very quickly.

Mom has found breakfast, make that second breakfast.

Nature is beautiful.
The very idea that it continues and develops despite human interferences.

Last but not least,
I completed my pencil portrait.

At least, I think it is finished.
I might go in later and fix a few things.

Well, I am off.
I hope you are all well.
Have a great day!