Monday, January 28, 2008

Just Amazing

It is truly amazing the things that can be accomplished when the net is no longer co-operating. It was a sad few days a little while ago. I was minding my own business (for a change), when the tower, (not sure of the techie terms) decided to give the rest of the PC the silent treatment. I was heartbroken. I hate when people fail to live amicably, especially things that impact my little world. The silver lining in this little story is that I am now equiped with a new PC. This machine is really something else. I am having a tricky time trying to navigate through all the extra bells and whistles. I am however, having a wonderful time experimenting.
With a little downtime from the net, I was able to get a start on some of the many projects that have been kicking around for a little while.

This was a quick little knit project. I took the pattern from Double Knits by Zoe Mellor. It was way too cute not to create:

I also learned a new cast on method. The one with the long tail. Once I got grooving, it moved quickly. My very good friend, who is a supreme knitter showed me the first time. I also found a site that had very good detailed directions that helped ease through some more trying parts:
This is a huge help. Look at what it helped me create:

That was like magic. I shall never leave a sock without a mate again. I promise with all of my heart.

I also did some serious work on a kick ass scarf:

Not too shabby for a week without the net if I do say so myself.
I really did miss all the wandering I do on this little machine. I can't believe how much of an impact it has my life. I have met some very amazing people on here that I absolutely adore. I really missed chatting with all of them.
I believe I have brought you all up to speed now. I trust you are all well. Have a good Monday.